Jane The Virgin Extended Trailer Reveals An Accidental Insemination And More

CW has finally released the extended trailer for their upcoming fall series Jane the Virgin. As expected, it's dramatic and a little bit ridiculous, but in a charming and funny way. Jane's been raised to protect her virginity, lest it wither like a flower... or be crushed like one, anyway. And then, at 23, she finds herself artificially inseminated with the sperm of a wealthy hotel owner. Things get even more complicated from there.

The new extended trailer fills us in a bit more than the brief preview and series description for this drama, which is loosely based on a Venezuelan telenovela. We knew from the synopsis that the sperm implanted in Jane's uterus came from Rafael, "a reformed playboy and cancer survivor." My guess at that time was that maybe he had a new lease on life and part of that involved bringing a child into the world, but in the trailer, we see a woman bring up the fact that this is Rafael's only chance to have children. So now I'm guessing that the sperm used for the procedure was the last he was able to produce. That's just speculation though, but it certainly would add a bit of urgency to his situation, as Jane contemplates whether or not to keep the child.

We see Jane learning she's been accidentally inseminated and a doctor offering her a prescription for a pill, which presumably gives her the choice about whether or not she's going to go through with this. And with that, Jane faces her mother, who was once a teen mom, and her grandmother, who carries shame in her heart for once encouraging her own daughter to have an abortion. It's evident that this is a very emotional situation for all parties involved, and one that could make for some pretty great drama, especially when we factor in Jane's boyfriend, who's been patiently waiting for Jane only to propose to her and then find out she's pregnant with another man's baby, but she didn't actually cheat on him.

Jane the virgin

Hopefully the tone of the trailer is a reflection of the tone of the series, mixing drama with a bit of humor and a few nods to telenovelas, which Jane and her family appear to be very into. I think a big part of the appeal, at least from the trailer, is that Gina Rodriguez, who plays Jane, seems like she's all kinds of adorable.

The CW announced Jane the Virgin when they released their 2014-2015 schedule. Set to arrive this fall, Jane the Virgin will air on Monday night at 9:00 p.m. after The Originals. You can view CW's full lineup here and see what JtV is up against on the full network TV schedule here.

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