The Salute Your Shorts Cast Had A Reunion

TV show reunions are all the rage these days, whether it’s in full series form on Netflix or for one-time things. Everybody loves a “where are they now?” story, and one show you might not expect to have gotten that from is the classic Nickelodeon series Salute Your Shorts. But a Camp Anawanna reunion definitely happened this past weekend, and you can see what the majority of the cast looks like now in the picture below.

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As part of the Everything is Festival, seven of the cast members came together along with series creator Steve Slavkin (who voiced camp director Dr. Kahn) to celebrate the show’s 24th anniversary (even though they call it the 25th), which is enough to make any fan of the show feel twinges of age-related shock. We have Kirk Bailey (counselor Ug Lee), Michael Bower (Donkeylips), Megan Berwick (Z.Z.), Erik MacArthur (Michael), Heidi Lucas (Dina Alexander), Venus DeMilo (Telly) and Trevor Eyster (Sponge). Beyond Blake Soper’s Pinsky, who came into the series after MacArthur left, the only main cast member missing was Danny “Bobby Budnick” Cooksey, whose career is based more on voicework now.

As seen in the video below from news station KGW in Portland, these guys are still as goofy as ever, joking about getting a revival series that could be called Salutest Shortest. They also talk about Bailey’s super-creepy role as Zeke the Plumber, which was definitely one of the most frightening bits of any Nickelodeon show in the 1990s. Check it out.

Considering how kid-geared a show like Girl Meets World is as compared to its predecessor Boy Meets World, I don’t think a Nickelodeon-based Salute Your Shorts comeback would be all that great. Now, if they decided to put it on Adult Swim or Netflix, where things can get a little more weird, then I’d run up the flagpole for that.

And since no Salute Your Shorts reunion worth its salt could exist without the memorable theme song getting some play, TMZ came to the rescue and got a good-natured Michael Bower to join in a sing-along.

What other Nickelodeon shows would you guys want to see reunions for? I’m holding out for Hey Dude and The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

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