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Samurai Jack diehards rejoice! After over ten years of waiting, the acclaimed animated series is finally coming back to our screens. The new episodes will air on the Cartoon Network during their Adult Swim Toonami block in 2016.

The announcement came from Adult Swim and fans all over the world are now breathing a collective sigh of relief that one of their favorites will have new episodes to obsess over. We don't have a ton of details regarding when exactly we will get new episodes, but we do know that Genndy Tartakovsky. In addition, we got a full poster for the new series.

samurai Jack

Samurai Jack tells the story of a young prince who lives in feudal Japan. His father’s empire is soon wiped out by an evil shape shifting demon named Aku. The prince gets out in time and then traverses the world training for the day he can return home and avenge his father’s defeat. During the prince’s training he manages to become a legendary samurai, and when he gets strong enough he decides to use his father’s magic katana on Aku during a duel to defeat him. Before he manages to get the last killing blow in, though, powerful Aku opens a magic portal to a distantly future Earth run by him, and sling the prince into it.

This dystopian Earth is ruled by Aku and his robot minions, and the world now includes a large number of alien races among its population. The prince takes on the name Jack after being greeted with the name by the first people he meets in this new world. He then works to find Aku, defeat him once and for all, and return to his time to reestablish his father’s empire.

Just so you know, if you aren’t aware of the cult of Samurai Jack, this only sounds awesome because it is. And, lots of people agree with me. The show debuted in 2001 with a three-part special which received lots of positive attention and four award nominations, including an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Animated Program. The show aired a total of 52 episodes during four seasons with 13 episode runs. The final show aired in 2004 after ratings declined and the Cartoon Network canceled it.

Samurai Jack was nominated for a total of 19 awards during its initial run, and won 11 of them. The creator of the show, Genndy Tartakovsky, was later recruited to head up the Star Wars: Clone Wars series, which features may of the same stylistic structures, like larger-than-life vistas and long sequences without dialogue, that can be found in Samurai Jack.

While the show has lived on in repeats for years, has been released on DVD, and has even continued in the form of video games and an IDW comic book series, fans never gave up hope of seeing brand new episodes of the TV show they’d come to know and love. And, now, we finally have our chance, in the not-too-distant and hopefully not dystopian future, to do just that.