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USA has spent a good chunk of time reworking its lineup for a new age and a new audience. While some long-running staples like Suits have managed to make it through the lineup changes, USA hasn’t stuck with a lot of its programming. Which is why it is really not much of a surprise that the network decided to cancel its drama Satisfaction after only two seasons. Unfortunately, that means that fans will not be getting a third season of the drama.

The news should not be a huge shock to those who have kept up with Satisfaction. USA opted to move the series to Friday nights when it returned this fall. After a quiet run, Season 2 wrapped back in December. Although it took until February for USA to outright state the series was cancelled, getting shuffled to Fridays is almost never a good look. THR reports the announcement coincides with the fact that executive producer Sean Jablonski is also moving over to Netflix.

Reviews for Satisfaction were pretty decent, but the show was pretty low profile from the beginning. After it was moved to Fridays, the series was routinely doing less than a million total viewers in Live+Same Day numbers, and even fell below the half million mark at one point. DVR is certainly becoming a reality for most TV watchers, but even taking into account other viewing platforms, the series just wasn’t performing all that well.

It’s taken a while for USA to figure out what is working and what isn’t. In recent years, comedies like Benched haven’t made it all that long on the schedule. In addition, dramas like Graceland, Dig and Complications haven’t lasted. However, USA still has Suits and Royal Pains, along with the critically acclaimed drama Mr. Robot. In addition, newbie drama Colony (starring Lost’s Josh Holloway) was recently renewed for Season 2 on USA, as well. So, it’s not all bad news.


Obviously, with so many recent cancellations, there are plenty of gaps in terms of original programming over at USA. The network is hoping to rectify the situation with a few new shows, including Falling Water, which will follow three individuals who will begin to realize they are dreaming “separate parts of a single common dream.” Upcoming drama Queen of the South will follow the former girlfriend of a Mexican drug dealer who will come to America and eventually reposition herself as the leader of the cartel.

Obviously, USA is working to rebrand. Sometimes that means a network will have a few misses for every hit, but it would be nice if the network had a few more core programs that fans could turn to. Likely, that’s what USA is rooting for, too. We’ll let you know if Falling Water and Queen of the South become hits. While we wait on premiere dates, here’s what else the networks have coming up.