Scream Is Returning For Another Season

In its first episode, MTV's Scream had one of its characters saying that slasher storylines could never work as TV shows, since they burned bright and told temporary stories. Well, the network is proving those words are just an opinion that it isn’t invested in, as MTV has decided to give the small screen horror reimagining a second round with an order for Season 2. Somewhere, Brandon James is applauding.

Earning a second season makes the years of development that went into the Scream series worth it, although I could still go for Wes Craven getting back behind the camera for another feature in the franchise. But what does this mean for fans and viewers who have gotten majorly invested in the story of Lakewood and its citizens? One of the main reasons to get into a series like this, beyond seeing the morbid ways in which people meet their dooms, is in trying to figure out who the killer actually is and what the motivations are. Does the show getting renewed automatically mean that Season 1 will end without the mask coming off of the killer?

Of course, Scream’s TV approach could mimic the one in the movies, where a different killer rises up after the original one (or two, in that case) gets defeated. Or perhaps it’ll take after other recent horror series and go the anthology route, telling the depraved story of a different masked killer in another suburb. It’s not that hard to picture, considering the series has basically zero tie-ins to the films beyond the basic themes.

Without knowing that, it’s impossible to gauge exactly what is coming in Season 2, but Bob Weinstein clued people in on what to expect, according to Deadline.

We promise even more scares, surprises, romance and of course kills in Season 2.

Not much to go on there. While mulling it over, check out a video from last night’s “Exposed,” an episode that floored Emma with a huge secret.

Although MTV got rid of the horror-ish Eye Candy after just one season, the network is usually pretty good about keeping series on the air. renewed Teen Wolf was renewed for a sixth season recently, and other shows like Faking It and Finding Carter are also coming back for more. And although it’s already been announced that Awkward won’t be moving past Season 5, that season’s episodes will premiere later this year.

Now midway into Season 1, Scream airs on MTV on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET.

Nick Venable
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