Watch The Crazy First 8 Minutes Of MTV's Scream

We’re on the verge of MTV’s new series based on the Scream franchise, and the network is so sure about its show that MTV has posted the first eight minutes (actually more like seven and change) online so you know what you’re in for. We also get to see the “Drew Barrymore scene” that actress Bella Thorne had already told us about. Check out the full video right here:

Social media is the primary focus of this new series. That much is clear in the first few minutes. The episode opens with the online humiliation of Audrey, played by Bex Taylor-Klaus (previously seen on Arrow) when a video of her and another girl is posted online. Then we meet the culprits, obvious high school alphas Nina and Tyler. After sending Tyler home, Nina is getting ready to jump in the hot tub(because of course she is) when she starts to receive texts from “Tyler”, along with videos, of her, in the house.

The horror movie aspect is being set up clearly here. While, we’re not expecting episode after episode of homicide from Scream, or we’d be out of characters far too fast, the show is obviously looking to make sure that we get something in the opening, so people don't change the channel at the first commercial. Still, we know this show is going to be very different from the films that inspired it.

And never before has technology been quite so creepy. Nina’s house is entirely wired so she can control it through her voice on her smartphone. And speaking of her smartphone, can that girl text or what? She could probably set some kind of land speed record with those fingers, and completely without typos too. This leads to the first unintentional joke in the clip, that the girl with superhuman texting power can’t slide over to the emergency call part of the phone once she realizes something terrible is happening. Also, the phone that has perfectly understood her every command to this point somehow misinterprets “call 911” as “call Pottery Barn.” Maybe we should get the guys from Cinemasins to take a look at this.

We also get a decent look at the mask they’ll be using. It’s not the mask from the films, but it certainly calls back to it.


It also seems like a missed opportunity to not drop a “Do you like scary movies?” text into the exchange between Nina and “Tyler” but that’s probably asking too much. The series will premiere Tuesday, June 30 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

Dirk Libbey
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