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Things just got really interesting on the American Idol front. With Jennifer Lopez not expected to return to the judges table, that leaves one seat open next to newcomer Mariah Carey and - assuming he returns - Randy Jackson. Could that seat be filled by Sean Diddy Combs? The latest update on the series has rapper, record producer, Bad Boy records founder, actor and entrepreneur Sean Combs mentioned as a possible contender for the job.

NY Post shared word that American Idol producers have "reached out" to Diddy for the judges spot at the judges table. That site doesn't offer any details beyond that, including whether an offer was extended or whether they've merely been in touch with him to see if he's interested.

Combs would be a good thing for Idol. Not only does he have plenty of celebrity status to bring to the table, but he also has years of music experience (including working with Mariah Carey), not to mention years of experience with a reality TV that involves young musical talent, having executive produced MTV's Making the Band. Not only does he seem especially qualified for the job, but I'd like to think he'd be the kind of judge that would tell it like it is. As I'm convinced that Idol is in serious need of some sincere, constructive criticism at its judges table, given the choice between 19-year-old Nick Jonas - who is also in the running for the spot - and Sean "Diddy" Combs, I'd have to go with Combs. I'll be very interested in seeing what develops from this and whether or not Combs confirms that he's thinking about doing it.

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