Secrets And Lies Is Adding Lost's Terry O'Quinn In An Important Role

Secrets and Lies did pretty well over at ABC during its first season, even though it premiered relatively late in the year. Unfortunately, the show chose a format that is not particularly conducive to a second season—at least not with the same cast of characters involved. Because of this, Secrets and Lies is busy recasting for Season 2, and on Tuesday we learned that Lost actor Terry O’Quinn will be involved.

O’Quinn won’t be playing the lead in the series, but it does sound as if he will have a pretty major role. You see, Season 2 will follow a murder mystery in the same vein as Season 1. The formerly cast Michael Ealy will star as Eric, a privileged individual with ties to a huge fortune and a bright corporate future. His father will be played by O’Quinn, who is described by TV Line as a “charming finance magnate” who built a company around staunch morals, supposedly. Yet, Secrets and Lies does tend to feature a murder, so we’ll have to wait and see how O’Quinn’s story pans out.

Season 2 will feature only one returning character. Detective Cornell (played by Juliette Lewis) will be back on the case. This time around, we’ll meet Eric, who is an up-and-coming businessman himself, set to take over his father’s enterprise. His dad throws a retirement party one night, and during the event, Eric’s wife, Kate, turns up dead. That seems like an awful lot of information to give away in a series description, but if we’re being honest, that’s probably only the first few minutes of the premiere episode.

The rest of the time, we’ll likely see Detective Cornell playing a cat and mouse game with whoever she believes is the most probable suspect. I’m going to go with that being Ealy’s character, here, but maybe the show will switch it up and include several possible suspects she’s keeping track of this time around.

It’ll be interesting to see what changes the ABC series makes for round 2. Shows have had varying levels of success with changing up casts each season. This summer, people are a little down on True Detective compared to its first outing and different seasons of American Horror Story (which often have similar casts but different characters) have earned different levels of critical acclaim. Obviously, it’s hard to tell if Secrets and Lies will be able to pull in strong numbers during its second season without seeing the episodes. It'll also be a while before that happens. ABC left Secrets and Lies off of its fall schedule, so we can expect to see new episodes in 2016.

In the meantime here’s what the network has coming up this summer and this fall.

Jessica Rawden
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