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Actor David Krumholtz returns to the small screen unrecognizable in his new IFC show tentatively titled Gigi's Bucket List. The story would have the actor playing a 72-year old grandmother living in Boca Raton, Florida living out her golden years. Check below for more details on the new comedy.

Versatile actor David Krumholtz of Numb3rs fame is ready to tackle his most challenging role yet. And its not what you would think for the veteran thespian. IFC has commissioned a presentation featuring Krumholtz's Gigi character (shown above) for the new comedy series Gigi’s Bucket List in hopes of the buzz building into a full fledged new comedy.

According to deadline, the Independent Film Channel seems to be high on Krumholtz’ comedic take on a 72-year old Jewish grandmother nicknamed “Gigi” living down in Boca Raton, Florida. The catch of the show is that the old bubby is now pursuing everything that she deprived herself of throughout her life after stumbling upon millions of dollars in her late husband’s bank account. The plot is straightforward and with Krumholtz' penchant for comedy, this could present IFC with a real opportunity to capitalize on the multifaceted actor's talents.

Deadline continues to report that the teaser from Grandma’s House Entertainment is slated to shoot sometime later this year for consideration as a 2015 series. Not only will Krumholtz be donning the prosthetics and starring as Gigi, he will be executive producing. Apparently Krumholtz who has made a career toeing the line between drama and comedy is ready to make the big transition into the role that he created earlier this year from new comedic website Weather From where Gigi provides mock weather forecasts. Along with Krumholtz producing is Ben and Dan Newmark, Ricky Mabe and Zach Golden.

Deadline also notes that the character of Gigi manifested from Krumholtz always doing an impression of his grandmother that his friend, Mabe, loved. After Mabe and company came up the idea for Weather From with an old Jewish lady discussing the climate, Krumholtz was asked to dust off his impression of granny and Gigi was born. Sure it is four and a half hours worth of prosthetic makeup to get Krumholtz to make the transformation into Gigi but if the video above is any indication, it looks like this series could be comedy gold if it gets the green light.

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