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Sexy Commercial For Canadian University Isn't Going Over Well

Plenty of commercials have proven that sex sells, but just because Carl’s Jr. can get away with sexy women eating cheeseburgers doesn’t mean that people will tolerate the same sort of premise from a higher education learning facility. Check out what happens when the Canadian Université de Moncton tries to sell fooling around in the library in its latest ad. We’re not joking. Take a look, below.

There are plenty of trademark college moments present in the promotional video, including sports teams and science labs, but there’s also one very weird addition: fooling around in the stacks. The whole ad is in French, so if you aren’t a French speaker, go ahead and skip to the 10-second mark, where you can catch two of the University of Moncton students kissing, of the French variety. Better yet, just take a look at that tongue-wagging action.


According to the CBC News, the video takes advantage of the word “langue,” which is both the word for language and the word for tongue in French, within the library scene. It's kind of clever, however, some of the people involved with the university have called out the video as being in poor taste, noting that while they are trying to make the university seem hip and popular, it is also selling the University of Moncton “like it's a beer product.” Or a cheeseburger.

Other people seem to think the advertisement is kind-of amusing and playful. Beyond what some people might think of the ad, the university is sticking to its guns with the advertisement and will continue to roll it out. The ad is set to hit Radio-Canada television very soon and is expected to play through the month of March, so if you live in the area, expect to see the video over and over again. At least it doesn’t feature a “can’t get it outta my head” sort of jingle or excessive partying.

Look, college campuses have long been rife with legends and stories about fooling around in the stacks of dusty old libraries. The university was probably trying to be fun and cool with its advertisement, and while I don’t personally think it's the most graceful ad I've ever seen, if the University of Muncton was hoping to prove that it’s a fun, sexy university, it definitely made that point. Negative Nancy’s need not apply.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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