University Of Tennessee Suspends Frat Over Butt Chugging Incident

Officials from the University of Tennessee announced earlier this week that they’ve suspended the local Pi Kappa Alpha chapter for thirty days following a bizarre incident of alcohol poisoning. It all went down early Saturday morning. Twenty-year-old frat brother Alexander P. Broughton was rushed to the hospital. His blood alcohol level was “well over” .40, and when doctors asked his friends how he drank so much, they were shocked by the answer.

According to The Knoxville News Sentinel, Broughton was consuming wine through his asshole in a process known as butt chugging when he got too intoxicated. Several other members of the frat reportedly engaged in the same behavior, but he was the only one who wound up in the hospital.

Known formally as an alcoholic enema, the process of butt chugging has been around for awhile, and according to experts, is extremely dangerous. It deposits the alcohol through a funnel directly into the bloodstream without going through the liver and may or may not be stupider than teenage girls soaking their tampons in alcohol.

After the temporary thirty day suspension, the University of Tennessee brain trust will decide whether or not to permanently revoke the Pi Kappa Alpha charter. The frat has been on probation several times over the past few years, and given all the negative publicity this has generated, there is a distinct possibility this could be it.

As for Broughton, he’s reportedly out of the hospital and would like to get his side of the story out. We’ll let you know if he ever decides to speak publically.

Mack Rawden
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