Shameless Season 4 Trailer Teases More Glorious Gallagher Mayhem

If you’re like me, you spent more hours than you care to admit binge-watching Shameless on Showtime this weekend. It’s been virtually nothing but Gallaghers on the premium cable channel since Friday afternoon, as Showtime has aired (or is in the process of airing, technically) all three seasons of the dysfunctional family dramedy a week ahead of its fourth season premiere. So it seems particularly timely that they share the full official trailer for Season 4, slightly edited to mute out the occasional swear word.

The start of the trailer does a great job of catching us up on where things left off with the Gallaghers after Season 3, as Carl explains to Tony Markovich what’s been going on. Lip’s off at college, Debbie (Emma Kenney) took Liam somewhere, Ian (Cameron Monoghan) is missing and Fiona’s (Emmy Rossum) dating her boss. From the video, it looks like things are getting serious between Fiona and Mike (Jake McDorman), but just the fact that Tony seems to be around makes me wonder if there might be a future for him and Fiona (again) down the line. With Jimmy gone, it’s going to be interesting to see what’s in store for Fiona in her love life.

Meanwhile, Frank’s got some health issues and it looks like he may have to take desperate measures to get the care he needs. But let’s face it, desperate measures is a relative term for Frank (William H. Macy). He does what he needs to do to survive, even if it’s something horrible.

Going back to what we saw in the trailer, it looks like Lip’s having a hard time at college. On the academic side, he’s probably doing fine — assuming he can get to the lecture hall on time to take a test — but socially, it looks like he’s not fitting in so well. On one hand, I’m hopeful Lip figures out how to acclimate himself to college life so he can succeed. On the other hand, I kind of want him to find his way back home. Maybe he can go to college locally so he’s back living with the family?

And then there’s Debbie, who seems to be kind of moody. What’s that all about?

Showtime’s already mostly through the Shameless marathon this weekend, but those who want to get caught up or enjoy a binge-watch refresher between now and next weekend can find all three seasons on Showtime on Demand and Showtime Anytime

Shameless returns for Season 4 on Sunday, January 12 at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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