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It seems like every time there’s news of a bizarre and over-the-top crime happening, Florida is somehow involved. But the next wave hitting the state won’t involve bath salts or tomahawk-wielding thieves, for it will be the location used in Syfy’s upcoming disaster comedy thriller Sharknado 3. At least, it’s one of the states involved. Check out the announcement tweet below.

Yes, Syfy and its president Dave Howe have revealed that Sharknado 3 has not only been confirmed, but that it will head up and down the – wait for it – “Feast Coast” for this next CGI-filled crazy-fest. Though they’ve already been to New York City for Sharknado 2: The Second One, the bad weather is heading south, and this round of Sharknados will hit not only Orlando, Florida, but Washington D.C. and presumably more East Coast hubs. I wouldn’t mind seeing some sharks destroy the Georgia Dome.

No other information has been revealed, not even whether or not they’re going to use “Feast Coast” as the sequel’s subtitle. Back when I spoke with Tara Reid a few weeks ago, Syfy still hadn’t contacted anyone about returning for Sharknado 3, and there wasn’t a director or a writer yet, either. Of course, she also said there was only about a month in between receiving the Sharknado 2 script and that film’s production start, so we might know who 20 of the cameos are before we even know who the stars will be. Though we can assume Ian Ziering and Reid will be leading again.

Speaking of cameos, one of the weirdest pre-production rumors going around this project is that Daniel Radcliffe is interested in joining the cast for a small role. There’s no way to really know if that’s true or not at this point, but it would be pretty goddamned amazing if Sharknado 3 ended up passing by Universal Studios’ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – or a punnily-titled facsimile – and Radcliffe would be there. In fact, back when I listed my hopes and dreams for Sharknado 3, a Florida setting was my first topic, specifically for use of the amusement parks there. Make this happen!

Now that they’ve also confirmed Washington D.C. as a location, all I’m picturing is a stack of sharks that have been impaled by the Washington Monument, or a bunch of them flopping about on Lincoln’s lap in the Lincoln Memorial. How are they going to show the main characters in both D.C. and Florida, not to mention wherever else they’re going? Is this going to be like Twister? So many questions! All of them irrelevant!

Sharknado 3 is set to touch down all over the place in 2015.

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