If you're looking forward to the third season of Sherlock, it seems you shouldn't hold your breath. It looks like the BBC show, expected to return in 2013, may well be delayed into 2014--for U.S. viewers at least, due to the busy lives of its stars and the delay between airing on the BBC and PBS over here.

Originally set to start production in January, EW now says Sherlock's third season won’t get underway until March. The delay in production has been forced due to two of the show’s stars busy film careers. Benedict Cumberbatch has been working on Star Trek 2 and Martin Freeman’s schedule has been tied up a bit with his role in The Hobbit.

Although there was never an official date, the January production seemed to make the summer of 2013 a likely premiere time, with a release headed for U.S. audiences on PBS later in the year. Now, it looks like the show will come to the BBC later in 2013, which pushes the PBS debut towards the end of the year or even into early 2014. What’s for certain is that we’ll all be waiting a little longer, no matter what side of the ocean we call home.

If you need your Holmes fix, there’s always the new American series Elementary, which will be around for a full first season, at least. But if you’re loyal to the British version, it looks like you’re stuck with re-runs for a little while longer. TV Blend will update you when we get concrete information on Sherlock’s return to TV.

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