Smallville Reaction: Charade

All right! The episode starts with Erica Durance in a skanky bunny costume. Last week, Smallville keeps a villain alive for once and now this. Someone up top has been listening to me. While I'm on a roll, I hope we see Lobo show up and duke it out with the Blur.

Sleazy ex-DA Raymond Sacks is free and wants revenge for being locked up. Looks like another Lois-centric episode coming up. We follow up the intro with a Tarentino-esque flash forward of Lois and Clark getting fired by someone we don't know. We then jump back and meet Franklin Stern, the previous owner of the of the Daily Planet in comics, who gives Lois and Clark the choice of bringing him the story of how Sacks got his sentence reversed, or losing their job. Trying to save their careers, Clark goes to Chloe for info and Lois does what she does and jumps right into danger.

Clark finally discovers, when Lois thanks him after rescuing her from Sacks' henchmen, that she has been in talks with someone posing as the Blur for months. These secret chats, which she hadn't told him about, lead to an argument between the two. It's nice to see this couple fight; they are so perfect some times it's horrible and tacky.

A witness lucks out and gets a photo of the Blur which he plans on selling to Sacks for a million dollars; pretty good money for a bike-riding pizza guy. Unfortunately for him, he ends up on the set of Dollhouse in one of those mind chairs alongside Lois and some other past characters I'm too lazy to look up.

We meet the Black King and it's Maxwell Lord, bank roller for the Justice League and murderer of Blue Beetle in the comics. Clark confronts Lord, who escapes just short of seeing who the Blur is. Convenient. Lord later comes face to feet with the mysterious Red Queen.

The Blur "breaks up" with Lois to help keep her out of the constant trouble she gets into; I'm sure that will help. The episode ends on a somber note, with Clark being super-romantic by setting up a candlelit dinner for two when Lois is feeling down (kind of cheating in my opinion, since he's the one that broke up with her). Clark's final unanswered question, "Am I enough?" really puts that happy relationship to the test. After all the adventure, the Red Queen is still an enigma, Clark still has to keep his identity a secret, and Zod is still a douche, as proven when Chloe uncovers that he was the one posing as the Blur to Lois.

The Red Queen is a cool mystery that isn't being answered very fast. Who could the Red Queen be? Tess, Chloe, Wonder Woman, Ursa (bonus points if you know who that is). Even Martha Kent is a possible candidate -- well maybe not that last one. I'm actually excited about this current arc. As long as Zod isn't chewing up the scenery it's been a lot of fun. For such a great character, the actor is overplaying the role and it's been a real disappointment.

The Red Queen has really gotten my friends and I talking about who she might be. Of course, we're also talking about how to get the sweet job as the guy who sprays the cast with air whenever Clark runs off, so we're clearly paying way too much attention to this show.