Someone Figured Out How Many People Are Still Alive In The Walking Dead Universe, And It's Crazy

AMC’s The Walking Dead has an insane amount of fans. Now in its sixth season, we’ve seen Rick Grimes and company tear through a ton of walkers, as well as fellow humans. As the timeline of The Walking Dead moves forward, we’re seeing the total apocalyptic devastation and just how few survivors are left to wander the earth. One WD fan used data from both the comic book and both television series, as well as some good old fashioned math to figure out just how many people are still alive in the current timeline of The Walking Dead. Check out the video below.

That’s right, there is an insanely small amount of people left in the world of The Walking Dead. According to the host Matt Lieberman’s calculations there would only be 382,885 survivors still walking around and kicking zombie ass.

Matt Lieberman uses select information to land on his number of survivors. He began by finding out which year the zombie apocalypse happened. After seeing the technology used in the pilot of Fear The Walking Dead, Lieberman surmised that the apple products shown were first released around 2012. After taking clues from the character’s costumes, it became clear that it was the winter months and so the apocalypse began around January 2012.

After discovering the date of the apocalypse, Matt Lieberman used the population reference bureau to find the start population. From there, he used data in the comic book series which stated that walkers were beating out the human population 5,000 to 1. Adjusting to the timeline of The Walking Dead TV series, which is approximately 614 days, and taking into account the rate at which major characters are killed, Lieberman changed the numbers to reflect this and landed on 382,885.

Considering how small of a number that is, it’s actually quite astounding that the plot of Season 6 is proceeding the way it is. Rick and company’s world was just expanded by realizing that there are two other major civilizations besides Alexandria in the area. In the last episode we were granted access to the Hilltop community, and given more of an introduction to Negan and The Saviors. Since there are so few living people left in the world, the fact that three large communities are up and running in the area outside of Washington D.C. seems unlikely.

Overall, this video is rather well done and helps to illuminate some of the broader questions that fans of The Walking Dead might have glazed over. I wasn’t sure how many days were supposed to have past since the outbreak began, and was a little surprised that it was less than two years in total. Considering that Carl has grown from around 10 to 16 years old is quite the suspension of disbelief. I guess killing zombies and Shane ages a kid.

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