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I recently got caught up on the first three seasons of Sons of Anarchy and am now prepared to devour whatever nuggets of information are released about the excellent series’ fourth season. Today, said nugget comes in the form of some casting news. Brazilian beauty Fernanda Andrade has signed on to play a “sexy Latina babysitter.”

If The Hollywood Reporter’s description of Andrade’s character is meant to be taken literally, she’ll be of Latin American descent as opposed to Brazilian. Whether or not her character is of any relation to the character played by Sons newcomer Danny Trejo, who’s playing a former commando of the Mexican military, remains to be seen.

Sons of Anarchy follows a motorcycle club in California. Season 4 is said to jump ahead more than a year following whether things left off during the Season 3 finale. Andrade’s previous credits include an episode of CSI: NY and NBC’s Undercovers.

We may need to keep a look out for more casting news related to Sons of Anarchy. Series creator Kurt Sutter tweeted today, “finished casting major roles. great actors. unique voices. not sure how we're handling releasing info, but we'll put it out soon.”

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