Southland Season 5 Will Hit DVD In August

Just a few weeks after Southland's Season 5 finale aired, TNT opted to cancel its on-the-street cop drama. With Southland actors already signed on to new projects--most notably Shawn Hatosy, who is signed on for CBS’ midseason drama, Reckless--it seems as if most of the cast and crew may have had an inkling the cancellation was coming. Despite Season 5 being the last time we’ll get to see the cast in action, fans of the show will be able to relive their favorite moments from the final episodes when Southland: The Complete Fifth and Final Season hits DVD on August 13.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is putting together the DVD set for Season 5, which will feature all 10 original episodes from the season. Season 5 fleshed out many of the show’s characters and storylines and offers plenty of emotional (and emotionally draining) moments. The set will also come with a couple of bonus features, letting fans look into multiple deleted scenes and a featurette from when the show was filming. Still, that’s not a ton of bonus content and I’m not sure it totally justifies the $39.98 cost of the DVD. That’s admittedly not a ton of moolah for a TV season, but when you consider earlier single seasons of the series cost $5-$10 (opens in new tab) less, it’s kind of annoying.

TNT’s series had a fairly tumultuous history, airing on NBC at the start of the show’s tenure before getting unceremoniously cancelled by the network. TNT later saved the show, picking up the rights to Season 1 and already-produced Season 2 episodes. In a sense, the latter seasons have basically been bonus seasons for fans and while it still sucks the series was cancelled, having a “bonus” attitude has helped me to feel a little better about not having new episodes to watch next TV season. Maybe owning the final episodes will have the same effect.

You can check out the full list of extras, below.

Southland Season 5 Extras

  • Southland: Shooting In Progress” featurette
  • Deleted Scenes
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