Star Jones Makes A Less Than Graceful Exit From The View

‘The View’ is short one seat at the table for now. As has been reported everywhere, Star Jones made her “grand” exit from ‘The View’ after prematurely announcing that she would not be coming back next fall. What should’ve been a quiet farewell has turned into an all out she-said/she-said verbal war among the women of the popular talk show. Star Jones is claiming that she felt like she was fired from the show. We can only assume the network pulled the typical corporate “We would like to ask you to resign and leave quietly” deal which is a nice way of saying “if you don’t quit, we’re going to fire you and you.”.

The announcement of Jones’ departure from the show was set to be made next week but Jones apparently decided she wanted to go on her own terms. After her announcement she was asked by the network not to return to finish out the season. No teary farewell episode for Ms. Jones. Instead she got to go out with a bang because lets face it, a controversy always gets more attention than a lame video montage showing old clips of Jones’ most memorable ‘View’ moments set to “That’s What Friends Are For” or whatever it is they had planned for her.

How long before Jones gets her own talk show?

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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