Stephen Amell Just Won An Award For His WWE Work

Though the WWE has been plagued by ratings ups and downs this year, the company definitely had a headline-grabber on its hands with the bizarre feud that sprouted between wrestling superstar Stardust and Arrow star Stephen Amell. What began as a weird social media-based antagonism became a tag team match at SummerSlam some months back, and Amell’s contributions to the sports entertainment world were recognized on Monday night in the form of a WWE Slammy Award for Celebrity Moment of the Year. I believe a shot of the Congratulations Arrow is called for.

The Slammy Awards have been going on regularly for the past 8 years – and sporadically for the years before that – and it’s Amell’s first win. The award, announced on Monday Night Raw, had some pretty heated competition for, as Stardust continues to refer to him, Oliver. Amell’s high-flying pay-per-view debut beat out Jon Stewart’s devious SummerSlam appearance (which got him manhandled the next night), Kevin Owens powerbombing rapper Machine Gun Kelly off of the main stage, soccer star Wayne Rooney slapping King Barrett on Raw, and the cast of Entourage introducing Zack Ryder on Raw. While Stewart’s bit was pretty great, it’s hard to argue that Amell won this hands down.

Not that everyone was so pleased with the victory. Later on that night, Tom Phillips’ Slammy Award video was taken over by Stardust, who hilariously took Amell’s win in stride and then stole his award. Check out the silliness in the video below.

Man, watching Amell and Stardust scrap on Raw and then later at SummerSlam was great, but I’m so very into the verbal battles that these guys put each other through. Watching Stardust in the ring is fine, but I could spend all day listening to his lunacy. (He’s also got thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens elsewhere on the Internet.)

And to be expected, Stephen Amell wasn’t silent about his award getting stolen. Here’s what he had to say on Twitter. Also, check his retouched Twitter bio.

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To be fair, there is no real antagonism happening between Cody “Stardust” Rhodes and Amell, as the two followed up their SummerSlam match with a charitable event. But that doesn’t mean that the faux bad blood has stopped flowing, and we may very well see more of Stephen Amell in the squared circle in 2016.

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