Watch Stephen Amell Get In A Fight On WWE Raw

Mondays are usually the worst, as people have to follow the wonderful weekend by going back to work and school. It’s the best night of the week for WWE fans, though, and last night’s three-hour Raw finally gave the world the next phase of the feud between Arrow star Stephen Amell and the bizarre baddie Stardust. Things got physical, which led to Triple H officially giving the pair their own (tag team) match at SummerSlam! Check out the mayhem below, which starts up right after Neville defeats King Barrett.

Amell was actually first taunted earlier in the evening as the Miz TV segment with Daniel Bryan was kicking off. The Miz pointed out Amell in the crowd and said he’d give Amell acting lessons after Stardust was done with him. Then, when Stardust rushed out and attacked Neville (who uses the Red Arrow as a signature move), you just knew things were going to get hectic. One intense stare and a face-shove later, and Amell was ready to brawl, leaping over barricades and ropes and spearing Stardust to the ground before dropping a flurry of punches on that silver bastard’s face. No security guards can hold back the Emerald Archer for good!

Amell took to Twitter afterward to rub it in Stardust’s face.

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There’s no denying how inherently silly this all is, as you don’t often see wrestlers continually antagonizing actors based on the superhero they play on TV. But to the WWE’s credit, this back-and-forth has been building for months now, and it’s kind of amazing that all the verbal taunting resulted in some in-ring scrapping. Amell finally had enough, dammit! And the fact that he kept such a serious face on the whole time just speaks to his acting chops.

Later, Triple H chastised Amell for taking things too far, and that’s when Amell asserted his manhood and the future of this oddball rivalry was set in stone.

After all the rumors, it’s finally going to happen. Green Arrow and The Man That Gravity Forgot going up against Stardust and King Barrett at SummerSlam in Brooklyn on August 23. If there’s anyone out there who can make the superhero-to-wrestler transition with masculine grace intact, it’s definitely Amell. We can’t wait.

Nick Venable
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