Stephen Colbert's Cancellations Due To Ailing Mother

After an expected Wednesday episode of The Colbert Report inexplicably did not air, TV Blend learned the politically inclined Comedy Central late night show had suspended production for the remainder of this week. At the time, audience members were sent a somewhat worrisome e-mail citing “unforeseen forces” as the culprit behind the cancelled tapings.

As we pointed out earlier, Stephen Colbert does not cancel shows for any old reason, although he did make a last minute cancellation once upon a time when buddy Jon Stewart had a child. So, the fact the show cancelled production for more than a day with very little warning made my imaginative mind reel with images of a plague-like bug making zombies out of The Colbert Report's employees. Luckily, the issue seems to be a little less epic than my imagination inspired, but also a lot sadder.

One person’s illness is behind the lack of Colbert Report tapings this week. Before you panic, the illness is not Stephen Colbert’s. Instead, The New York Post is reporting Colbert’s mother, Lorna Colbert, is not doing well. The Post’s report uses the word “ailing” to describe the illness, which generally points to something more serious than the average flu. Although no official statement has come from either Comedy Central or Colbert, the cancelled tapings and Colbert’s mother’s age – she’s an advanced 91- are further evidence of something serious.

Our thoughts go out to the Colbert family as they work through a tenuous and potentially difficult time.