Will Steve Carell Return For The Office Finale After All?

Is Steve Carell going to be back for The Office finale after all? Nothing has been confirmed yet, however the latest rumors do hint that there may be a chance that we'll see Michael Scott back at Dunder Mifflin, which suggests the situation is a bit more promising than it was a few months back.

Back in January, NBC Chariman Robert Greenblatt expressed hope that Carell would return for the anticipated series finale of The Office, however he noted that the actor left the show the way he wanted the character to leave. Carell expressed a similar sentiment on Access Hollywood, which seemed to indicate that we would not be seeing Michael back on The Office. But fans are still hopeful. The series hasn't felt the same since the character left, and with the show coming to a close, it seems necessary that he make one last appearance.

TVLine posted some updates on the situation, stating that sources say the producers "mounted an 11th hour effort last month to coax Carell into making a cameo in the show's hour-long swan song." No one will confirm whether or not it's actually happening, but Carell's rep did say the actor was on set for the final episode, though they say he didn't shoot any scenes. NBC declined to comment and series creator (or technically, developer) Greg Daniels is also staying mum on the topic.

Of course, the question of whether or not Michael will return certainly adds to the hype for the anticipated series closer. It's better if we're left wondering whether or not Michael will pop back in to the office, perhaps during a trip back to his hometown of Scranton with his girlfriend Holly. Wouldn't it be such a great surprise if he shows up? Yes, it would. But it won't be a good surprise if he doesn't. So, hopefully NBC's being mysterious to build the suspense. The more I think about it, the more I really hope we see Michael Scott one last time before this show wraps up.

Kelly West
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