In addition to my usual 30 minutes of ‘Entourage’ on Sunday night, I also decided to watch the ‘My Fair Brady – Wedding Special’. After what seems like an eternity of bickering and dramatic arguments, Chris Knight (Peter Brady of ‘The Brady Bunch’) and Adrianne Curry (the first ever winner of ‘America’s Next Top Model’) made it down the aisle and tied the figurative knot.

Although the church didn’t have any air conditioning and everyone seemed to be sweating buckets, the wedding went off without a hitch. As expected, Adrianne cried through almost the entire ceremony. I was surprised at how sweet and completely non-tacky the whole thing was. Of the Brady’s in attendance, Mike Lookinland, Barry Williams and Susan Olsen (Bobby, Greg and Cindy) showed up.

I’ve watched the ‘My Fair Brady’ series on and off since the beginning and throughout the series I’ve asked myself “Why are these two together???”. Along with a huge age difference (20-something years), they have completely different backgrounds and values. More importantly, they seem to disagree on some major issues (like whether or not they want kids).

While watching the ceremony tonight I realized something. These two have stayed together because of Adrianne’s intense determination. For a 23-year-old, that girl has got a strong will. On the surface she seems like your typical spoiled post-adolescent model but if there’s one thing she’s proven on this show is that she’s willing to work hard for what she wants. All in all I have to say, I was genuinely surprised at how touching the whole wedding was. I expected to roll my eyes through the entire thing but it was done well and was a nice way to close out the season.

There was a bit of an overlap between ‘My Fair Brady’ tonight and ‘Entourage’ but thanks to my trusted dual-tuner Tivo, I was able to watch ‘Entourage’ after the big wedding. On the latest installment of the hit HBO series, Eric deals with the aftermath of the threesome he had with Sloane and Tori. The truth is, there was no aftermath but Eric didn’t see it that way. He decides to apologize to Tori about the whole post-threesome snuggling thing. In a surprising move, Tori calls Eric out not for the snuggling but for showing up behind Sloane’s back for a drink with her.

Eric is thrown off by Tori’s attitude until his friends shed some light on the situation by basically forcing Eric to admit to himself that he has feelings for Tori. Later at Sloane’s charity event, Eric decides to leave because he feels like if he doesn’t he might pounce on Tori. Sloane returns from the event with Tori who will be crashing on the couch. I got a bad feeling at this whole situation but once again, Tori surprises us.

When Eric gets up and goes into the living room as Tori’s about to leave for the airport, he basically suggests that they both want the same thing. Tori’s response was that of a true best friend. She rejects him and leaves. I don’t know why I was surprised by this girl’s behavior. Sloane is a sweetheart and it makes total sense that her best friend would be a good person.

In other ‘Entourage’ news, Ari finally gets the funds to start up a big agency but he’s desperately (and somewhat unsuccessfully) trying to keep it out of the eye of his competitors. In terms of Turtle’s rapper, Saigon, Vince’s unemployment and Drama’s potential acting gig, nothing was really addressed in this episode.

I feel like tonight’s episode was one of those in-between episodes where nothing really happens but it was entertaining nonetheless. I’m wondering if this whole thing with Tori is the beginning of the end with Sloane. That would be disappointing as she’s pretty much the perfect girl for Eric. If he’s not satisfied with her, who can he be satisfied with? As for Ari, I love that he’s going to try and create the largest talent agency in the city. It’s a bold move but then again, Ari’s a bold guy.
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