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Super Bowl 50: Check Out The Huge Pop Star Just Added To The Halftime Show

Super Bowl 50’s halftime show just got a lot more epic. As previously announced, British rock band Coldplay will be headlining the halftime show for the big game. This was a somewhat controversial choice, as Coldplay is a big time band, but perhaps lack the starpower and theatricality to pull of an event of this nature. Well, they seemed to have heard this concern and have booked a major star to appear in their set.


That’s right. ESPN is reporting that Queen B is returning to the Super Bowl Halftime show. Do you hear that? It’s a collective “YAS” coming from around the country. 

Beyonce’s inclusion in Coldplay’s halftime show isn’t as random as it might seem. While the two are certainly very different recording artists, they have worked together recently. Coldplay’s most recent album A Head Full Of Dreams, includes a track with Beyonce. The collaboration was surprising and resulted in something really remarkable in the track “Hymn For The Weekend”. 

It can be assumed that Beyonce will certainly be performing “Hymn For The Weekend” with Coldplay during their performance. Although, I’m sure this isn’t going to be the only use of Bey in the show. There is bound to be some new mashup of the Coldplay and Beyonce’s catalogues of music. With so many hits between the two, it’s going to be mind blowing to see how they combine their respective genres.

The Super Bowl halftime show has included a Beyonce performance before, and recently. She hosted the 2013 show to rather spectacular reviews. Her performance included an a cappella version of a song, a number that included projected backup dancers that were clones of Beyonce, and a Destiny’s Child reunion. It was truly a spectacle, and one of the most successful halftime shows in recent memory. Coldplay’s decision to bring along Beyonce is a smart business decision, and one that will help the energy of the show remain high and captivating. 

While the majority of Super Bowl halftime shows are pop artists, presumably to keep the attention of audience members who don’t especially care about the game, a rock band is booked every few years. While last year’s Katy Perry performance was the most viewed in history, the booking team clearly wanted to make a departure after the last few years of Perry, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, and Madonna

Super Bowl 50 will take place February 7th, 2016- with Coldplay, Beyonce, and all their glory.

To refresh your memory, check out Beyonce’s halftime show below:

Corey Chichizola
Corey Chichizola

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