Will Supergirl And Arrow Crossover? Here's What Stephen Amell Says

When Smallville came to an end in 2011, The CW certainly didn’t seem like it would one day become the behemoth of DC Comics TV, but the network will soon have four different superhero shows airing during the same week. With recent pick-upSupergirl debuting on The CW in the fall, fans want to know if the new kid on the block will crossover with the archer that started it all, and here’s how Arrow star Stephen Amell puts it. 

Do bears ‘you know what’ in the woods? I think that it’s highly likely that, if you have four DC superhero properties on one network, that that is an opportunity that might not ever exist again, and certainly hasn’t ever existed in the history of television. So I expect them to do something.

While Stephen Amell obviously doesn’t have a CW exec on the phone laying out the production schedule of when Arrow and Supergirl can cross paths, he’s working with both common sense and the knowledge of how DC TV heads Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg like to handle things. Crossovers are fun and they make fans happy, so keeping Supergirl around without allowing some cross-universe co-mingling would be a crime, with a sentence of having a remote control where the batteries always have to be spun around before it works.

Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow are currently a little too worried about the nuke-deploying Damien Darhk to think about dealing with someone from an entirely different planet, but there will undoubtedly come a day in the future when the Queens and the Danvers do dinner together, whether it’s on Season 5 of Arrow or Season 2 of Supergirl. It took very little time to put Barry Allen on the CBS drama once the agreements were made, so I’m betting it’s going to be crossovers aplenty with the fall season rolls around, just in case Supergirl’s budget issues limit its time at The CW as well. Well, maybe it would go back to CBS. Weirder things have happened. 

We’ll still need some kind of an explanation for what Supergirl’s Earth is as compared to The Flash’s two Earths, which Amell certainly didn't get into during his interview with Loaded. Having Barry burst through some dimensions for his excursion to Supergirl made sense from what that series had already shown us he could do with souped-up speed. It’ll be a little more difficult to bridge Kara and Oliver’s worlds without Barry involved, since it’ll also presumably include the realization that aliens exist. At least somewhere and at some time. 

We’re really hoping to see arrows and heat rays flying around on the same screen by the end of the year. And then later, if justice truly exists, we can watch Cat Grant, Harry Wells and Sara Lance have the snarkiest conversation known to any dimension.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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