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Supergirl has already started production over at CBS, and while we won’t see the series on the schedule for a little while, we did learn an interesting tidbit about the upcoming program this week. Malina Weissman, who played young April in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, will be playing young Kara Zor-El on CBS’ upcoming series. This basically tells us that Supergirl will at least feature flashbacks early on.

Weissman is currently only set to guest star in the pilot of the series, which gives us a good idea of how Supergirl will be set up. The drama is expected to follow Kara Zor-El, who escapes to Earth at the age of 12 and is subsequently adopted by the Danvers family, taking their last name. The series will focus on Kara Danvers as an adult, who is learning to use her Krypton-oriented powers for good on Earth. Glee actress Melissa Benoist will star in the series as the 24 year-old protagonist, but since the early plot synopsis did make mention of her journey to Earth and her formative years with the Danver family, it makes sense that flashbacks will come into play and that Weissman is the gal for the job.

The flashbacks may not be a recurring theme, however. Weissman is only signed on for the first episode, so we might get to see how Kara Danvers came to find a loving family and home and then flash forward to the present for the rest of the series. Potentially, more flashbacks could also be written in at a later date. In addition to the flashbacks, THR is noting that the formerly announced Dean Cain—who starred in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman--and Helen Slater—who once played Supergirl herself—will both be appearing in the first episode of the series, as well. A famous superhero will be alluded to in the first episode, as well.

Supergirl is a pretty high profile project over at CBS and has been coming together rather quickly. The project was announced last fall, but it was given a series commitment just a few short weeks later. Now, the show is already in production and CBS has even given us a glimpse of Benoist in her Supergirl costume. (Full look here.)


As you can tell, we know a lot about the show already, but we unfortunately still do not know exactly when CBS plans to add Supergirl to its schedule. Because the network has already announced its summer lineup, Supergirl isn't expected to hit the schedule until the fall. The team might be shooting now to do major promotion over the summer—especially at San Diego Comic-Con. In the meantime, we will keep you updated as more news related to the show breaks.