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There’s good news for Supergirl fans this evening. After a day awash with rumors regarding a potential series, some actually information has emerged out of the murk. Earlier this afternoon, reports indicated that a Supergirl series might happen, thanks to prolific DC Comics writer and producer Michael Green. At the time, we noted Green has a pretty busy schedule with Starz’s American Gods coming up, and we are not surprised in the least to have learned he is not involved with the Supergirl project. However, it seems that Arrow’s Greg Berlanti and The New Normal’s Ali Adler are certainly interested.

On Thursday afternoon, Deadline learned more about the potential Supergirl project. Warner Bros. TV is apparently backing Supergirl for the small screen, and Berlanti and Adler are set to executive produce, along with Sarah Schechter. Adler’s also in charge of writing the script for the female-driven project, but even if you are a fan of the Supergirl comics, you don’t know jack about this Supergirl. Apparently, Warner Bros. TV and co. are hoping to put together a brand new story and narrative for the character, which is on trend with other comic book based properties that are looking at new angles, like Gotham.

The outlet might be more on the ball with the correct production team, but we are still a ways off from an actual Supergirl series. The team is still toying with a name, and the project hasn’t even been pitched to networks, yet. So, as we noted in our first Supergirl article, we are a long way off from an actual series. A network needs to sign on and a script or pilot order needs to officially be greenlighted before we can even think about actual content on our TV screens. Although, it’s still pretty fun to dream.

I’m pretty excited about the potential for Supergirl, and really, any female-driven comic property. It would be fun to see what Berlanti and co. can do to twist up the comic world and make it new for television and it would be fun to visit Metropolis on the small screen for the first time in a while. Still, despite the heavy-hitting names attached, the property will have an uphill battle landing a timeslot. Arrow’s already got plenty of fans, and The Flash, Gotham and Constantine are all hitting the schedule, soon. Superheroes are popular and there’s certainly room for more at the moment, but from a network standpoint, this pitch better be a good one.

We’ll keep you updated on the Supergirl project as we learn more.

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