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Survivor's Boston Rob Mariano To Travel Around The World In 80 Ways For History Channel

Up to this point, Boston Rob Mariano has built his reputation and career upon being a reality star. Through four seasons of Survivor, two on The Amazing Race and one marriage special with wife Amber, he’s continually stayed in the headlines through being likeable, engaging and eager to return. Now he’s finally branching out in a new show for the History Channel catered toward his mobile adaptability.

Titled Around The World In 80 Days, the reality show will chronicle an epic real life race between Mariano and monster truck driver Dennis Anderson, as they criss-cross the globe as fast as possible. There’s only one catch. Each man must use at least eighty different modes of transportation, none of which can be repeated. God how I wish producers would add Bear Grylls and Les Stroud to the mix.

Even without them though, Around The World In 80 Days should be a whole lot of fun to watch. Early reports indicate the men will circumnavigate using everything from blimps to camels. Personally, I’m holding out hope for cross-country skiing, but there’s no telling whether the men will make it up to the Scandinavian countryside.

Speaking to People, Mariano called the program “a celebration of transportation throughout history.” That sounds about right. Filming should begin in the mid of May; so, expect a History Channel debut sometime later this year or early next.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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