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While Conan’s ratings may have taken a dip as of late, TBS has some words of reassurance about the fate of Coco’s late night talk show.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, TBS’ head of programming, Michael Wright said that the current ratings (averaging around 1 million adults 18-49) is right around where they expected it to be and, “At this number, Conan will run as long as he wants to.” So that’s good news, providing those of us who are currently tuning in (or DVRing it) continue to do so.

From what Conan told the critics today, he seems happy with his place at TBS, stating, “Everything has worked out great for me.” O’Brien also spoke about his feelings about NBC, comparing the his old network to a phantom limb, “I had a lot of amazing experiences there and I felt like a part of the family. It’s still very hard sometimes. That meant a lot to me to be a part of NBC. It’s like when they say you take off a limb and you sometimes feel like you still have that limb. There are times I still mourn the loss.”

It’s nice to see he’s at a place where he can appreciate what he had at NBC when times were good. I’m personally loving Conan on TBS and I’m glad to hear that TBS doesn’t seem to have any plans to halt the show despite the ratings dip.

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