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TNT Cancels Leverage, Finale To Air Christmas Day

Fans of TNT’s drama, Leverage, have been pulled through the ringer over the last few months, as the network hemmed and hawed over whether or not to bring the show back for a sixth season on the network. Four days before the Season 5 finale, TNT has ultimately decided to give Leverage the axe.

Deadline reported the news, also noting this has come at a really unfair time for Leverage, which is set to air its now-series finale next week. The good news is, executive producer Dean Devlin even wrote an open letter to fans at the beginning of the month, which stated the writers and other crew knew there was a possibility of a cancellation and that the show would close Season 5 as if it were a series finale, even if the network decided to bring the show back for Season 6. Now that TNT has cancelled the drama, that foresight should be appreciated.

TNT wrote a really nice statement to correspond with the cancellation, which says a lot of nice things about the cast and crew—we are honored to, blah, blah—but also says the network appreciates its “stand up for the little guy attitude.” It’s still sort of a slap in the face to cancel a show at the last minute and it's basically the opposite of a Christmas gift to fans, but at least the cast and crew of Leverage saw it coming and have behaved accordingly.

The Season 5 finale is actually called “The Long Goodbye Job” and will air Tuesday, December 25 at 10 p.m. ET.

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