The houseguests have been in the ‘Big Brother’ house for a little over a week and there’s already showmance drama. On this week’s Veto episode, Jen got called out for lying, the house got torn apart and the winner of the Veto had to decide whether or not to use their power to take Carol or Amber off the block.


Before we got to see the Veto competition and ceremony, Big Brother treated us to a little Showmance drama. Jen wants Nick. Nick appears to want Daniele. When Jen saw Nick and Daniele getting snuggly on one of the little beds, it was clear she wasn’t happy. She later told half the house that Nick tried to kiss her but she rejected him and now he’s moving on to Daniele. Joe, being the gossip queen that he is, immediately ran off to Nick and told him what Jen said. Nick then followed Joe out of the room and told Jen off in front of everyone for being a liar.

Granted the producers of ‘Big Brother’ could’ve edited the whole thing any way they wanted but it was clear by the look on Jen’s face that she was caught in a lie. She later pulled Nick into the storage room to try and smooth the situation over and while he was nice about the whole thing, even she could tell he was still irritated by it.

After that whole mini-drama, Joe started talking smack about Jen behind her back, which pretty much opened up the floor for other people to complain about her. Dick, whom we already know doesn’t like Jen, made fun of her “Jen” shirts and Amber quickly got on board with that. They have Chilltown to thank for that gimmick. And later, while the Veto competition was going on, Dick and Jen got into an argument over how Jen treated him during the first food competition.

Overall, Jen doesn’t look like she’ll be winning any popularity contests in this house. Its kind of refreshing to see the houseguests so unwilling to tolerate certain things just because they’re playing the game. While I find Jen to be ridiculously shallow, I sort of want her to stick around for a little while, if only to stir up drama, drive people crazy and give the producers some hilarious footage of her bouncing around in her unflattering (even for her) too-small bikinis. (That’s a hint for you, ‘Big Brother’ producers. We know you have that footage already!)

Eric’s First Mission: Accomplished

America voted for Kail to be the person that Eric confess his fabricated traumatizing story to. Who voted for Kail and why? If anyone can clue me in as to why they thought Kail would be the best person for this, please post a comment below. Anyway, Eric used some Visine to make his eyes all teary then met with Kail in the HoH room to tell her the story. He said he had a girlfriend who had a bad eating disorder, which is why he’s really worried about Daniele. Many of the houseguests have commented on Daniele’s extreme thin-ness.

At least Eric used the first America’s Player Challenge to his advantage. Feed-watchers witnessed Eric call Daniele some pretty nasty names behind her back the other day. Perhaps he thought using the eating disorder story to explain why he’s emotional when it comes to Daniele might smooth that situation over.

The Veto Competition

Kail, Amber and Carol each got to draw from the Veto balls to determine which three houseguests will participate with them in the Veto competition. Daniele, Nick and Jameka were all chosen to play. They each got a red Veto square and had to take turns going into the house and hiding it somewhere. After all of the squares were hidden, they each took a turn looking for the squares. The person whose square was found last (or not found at all) won the Veto.

Jameka hid her square in her bag of hair. She then assured America that her hair was real, though she didn’t explain what she had planned for the bag of hair tucked behind her bed. Kail hid her square in the box of teabags and Daniele hid hers in the pot of slop. The other three were unoriginal and hid their squares in the beds.

At first the houseguests searched carefully without making too much of a mess but when it was Kail’s turn to search the house, she started tearing the place apart. She pulled apart beds and emptied out the kitchen cabinets. What did she care? All of her worldly possessions were up in the HoH room anyway.

In the end, Daniele’s Veto square stayed hidden in the slop pot and she won the Veto.

Amber got to work on Daniele, trying to convince her that Jen needs to go (hinting that she should use the Veto to take her off so Jen could be put up in her place). As Daniele knows Jen is jen-elous of Daniele’s budding romance with Nick, it wasn’t hard to get her into the idea but in the end, she decided to play it safe and not use the Veto. I can’t say that I blame her. Using it would’ve put an unnecessary target on her back. Now she appears to be a non-risk-taker and those people generally last a bit longer in the ‘Big Brother’ house than the ones who try to play aggressively in the first few weeks. Using the Veto would’ve only served to piss of Kail (who would have had to make another nomination) and there was no guarantee that Kail would’ve put up Jen anyway.

The next America’s Player poll is to determine who we want Eric to vote out this week. The voting will probably take place on Wednesday so by tomorrow, Eric will know who the majority wants to see out of the house. Whether he chooses to perform the task or not is up to him. Sure, he gets money for every task he does but if he thinks it’s in his best interest to vote to evict the other person, he should probably go for it. How does he know we have his best interest in mind anyway?

For those of you who don’t have the live feeds, here’s some glorious footage of Jen in her teeny-weeny-bikini.

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