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TV Recap: Big Brother 8 - Week 2 Elimination and HoH

Jen certainly managed to stir things up this week during her reign as Head of Household in the Big Brother house. If the pot has been stirred then I have a feeling the contents are about to come to a boil. This week Dick told Kail if he gets HoH, she’s going up. Dick did win Head of Household, now lets see if he’s going to stand behind his threat?

For the houseguest background clip, we got to meet Nate, the guy Joe slept with to hurt Dustin. Oh, the Drama. In terms of the show, Nate is definitely on Team-Dustin, saying “Joe could’ve gotten gonorrhea anywhere.” I guess that settles that.

Julie did her random houseguest questions and made a comment to Jen about her unitard “punishment,” saying she took the “uni” out of unitard. Feed-watchers knew this was a remark about Jen’s creative use of the ridiculous red outfit. Rather than wearing it conventionally, she spent a good portion of the week with the unitard wrapped around her body in various arrangements. Words cannot satisfactorily describe what she did with the thing so I’m not even going to try. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

There wasn’t much time for filler in tonight’s episode of ‘Big Brother.’ This is likely due to the live voting, which is usually reserved for later in the season when there are fewer houseguests. Kail spent the last few days struggling to campaign for Joe to stay in the house. She got it into her head that Dick was a threat to her game and wanted him out. Her campaigning failed and if anything, it made her a big bigger target on Dick’s radar than she was before.

Kail couldn’t even manage to successfully convince her closest ally, Mike to vote out Dick and save Joe. After the live voting, everyone but Kail voted to evict Joe. Technically Eric didn’t vote. As America’s Player he has to vote for whomever America tells him to vote for. Instead, he announced a corny campaign-like slogan, “You can’t spell America without Eric.” Thanks, Eric.

Julie interviewed Joe briefly after his elimination. Despite having just been booted from the house, Joe was surprisingly upbeat and even more surprisingly not bitter. He says it kills him that he got evicted before Dustin. Julie then presented a video of Eric announcing to Joe that he’s America’s Player and revealing that it was in fact him that climbed into his bed, on America’s request. After this we got to see some of the good-bye videos. There were the usual “Sorry to see you go” mixed with “I’m glad you’re gone” messages. Dustin was kind in his good-bye, telling his ex to take care of himself.

The Head of Household competition consisted of True/False questions regarding objects and events in the house. The questions ranged from things like the inspiration for the topiaries around the yard to what was said by certain houseguests after competitions. It came down to Mike, Dick and Daniele. The tiebreaker question was (paraphrasing) “From the moment she opened her present in the Cutthroat Christmas competition, how long has Jen owned that uniform for?” The three remaining houseguests had to answer in hours. Dick came the closest with his answer, 120 hours and won the Head of Household competition. We didn’t have to wonder whether or not Kail was shaking in her boots as Dick received his Head of Household key. The look on her face said it all. This will not be a good week for the Mrs. Robinson Alliance!

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