Oh, Dustin! Haven’t you ever watched the previous ‘Big Brother’ seasons? Everyone knows you don’t go for the prizes! On tonight’s “Veto” episode of ‘Big Brother,’ some of the houseguests competed for the Power of Veto. Prayers were said, prizes were won, tears were shed and Dick wasted no time blaming everything on Jen. In the end, one houseguest came off the block and another one went up in her place.

After the nomination ceremony, Dustin left Jen to cry in the kitchen while he told Kail she and Jen weren’t his targets. He said if someone uses the Veto, Zach will be put up for eviction and he’s the real target. This assuaged Kail’s nervousness for the time being.

Eric’s “AmERICa’s Player” mission was to get the house to start saying “I would do that for a dollar.” He got Dick in on it by explaining that he’s sick of Amber’s little catch prases and so he’s making up one of his own. The whole thing was silly and resulted in Eric being dragged around in a pillow case and jumping into the pool with his clothes on.

When the houseguests picked Veto competitors, Jen drew Jameka’s ball from the bag. Jameka determined that it was the hand of God that willed her ball to be drawn and that it meant she had to win the Veto and take Jen off the block. Jen didn’t seem to mind this at all. After all, Jameka being into “like, the Bible and God” is certainly working in her favor right now.

‘Big Brother’ gave us some footage of Jameka and Kail chatting about God in the bathroom. The scene was accompanied by some appropriately churchy organ tune. While Kail was supportive of Jameka’s God-strategy, Dick thought it was ridiculous. He tried to get Jameka to admit that if Zach had been nominated and drew her name from the Veto bag, she wouldn’t use the Veto to save him. Jameka denied this with the same passion Amber exhibited when she swore she’d die for her dog.

When it came time to play for the Veto, Kail, Jen, Dustin, Daniele, Jameka and Jessica all took their places at the podiums. The houseguests were presented with an image that was supposed to represent some commonly used term in the game. For example, one picture was of a lion with ants on it. The correct answer was “Alliance.” If the houseguest who buzzed in first got it right they won ‘Big Brother’ dollars. If they got it wrong, they were eliminated.

Twice during the game, the houseguests had the opportunity to spend their ‘Big Brother’ dollars on prizes. The first prize was a trip to Barbados. Dustin went for the prize (thus, lowering his score and pushing him further away from winning the Veto). The other prize offered was $5000. Jameka considered taking it but turned it down, convinced that God wanted her to win the Veto. Dustin took the five grand, successfully pissing off the rest of the house and putting Jameka in the lead. The other participants had been eliminated by then and Jameka went on to win the Veto.

Everyone, including Amber was upset with Dustin for essentially selling the Veto for a trip to Barbados and some cash. Granted, he didn’t need the Veto but showing such disregard for it shows people where his priorities lie. Dick pulled him aside and told him that everyone was upset with his selfish move. Dustin seemed to realize that he got caught up in the moment and upset the house. His actions even managed to make Amber cry but then again, it doesn’t take much to get the waterworks going with that girl.

Dick turned his anger on Jen, claiming that she threw the competition so that the pressure would be on Jameka. It was kind of a ridiculous argument. Granted, Jen did know Jameka planned to take her off but why would she throw the competition when there was still a chance that Dustin could win it?

Dustin convened with Dick, Daniele, Amber, Jameka and Jessica to talk about who to put up when Jameka uses the Veto to save Jen. It was assumed that Zach would go up but then Nick’s name got brought into the conversation.

Some of the houseguests have begun to question Nick’s loyalties (which appear to be all over the place). Jameka still wants Zach out because he’s “shady.” Obviously, Daniele didn’t want to see Nick nominated. She tries to argue against Dustin putting him up and also tries to convince them that Jen shouldn’t be saved by the Veto then leaves the room to cry. Jessica says it’s not their job to put Daniele’s personal life before the game. Eric’s logic, which he shared in the diary room, is that Nick needs to go because who knows when they’ll have another opportunity to get him out.

In the end, Jameka took Jen off and Nick went up in her place, much to his surprise. He apparently had no idea he was even a target. Kail was also irritated because Dustin assured her that Zach was his target. So between choosing the trip to Barbados and cash over the Veto, added to him changing his mind and going after Nick, Dustin has made himself an even bigger target than ever before. People who wanted Nick to stay or Zach to be nominated might get over Dustin’s decision but no one is going to forget the prizes he won. That’s just how this game works. Never choose the prizes. Better to make it to sequester and cash in on whatever stipend ‘Big Brother’ offers them.

What did you think of the episode? Will Nick go home?

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