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TV Recap: Entourage - The MeHo Ho

So it looks like Turtle and Drama might’ve made a huge mistake with a recent investment. Speaking of investments, on tonight’s episode of ‘Entourage,’ titled “The Weho Ho,” Vince has decided to take a chance on Billy once again but Eric is done. And Ari nearly lost his assistant when Lloyd’s boyfriend broke up with him. Lucky for Lloyd, Ari’s a quick thinker and a fast talker who knows how to work things out, especially when it comes to lying.

Lloyd Is an Empty Vase

When Lloyd’s job performance goes down the drain, Ari demands that he tell him what the problem is. Lloyd confesses that his boyfriend dumped him. He can’t deal with work so he decides to take a leave of absence. This obviously isn’t going to work for Ari. The mailroom guy that Ari fired last year ends up filling in for Lloyd but his inability to pass along messages (or spell the word “Murphy”) drives Ari to get Lloyd back.

He visits Lloyd at his very posh home (apparently Lloyd has family money) and tries to persuade him to come back. Lloyd says Tom left him because he spends too much time at his job so Ari cant have him back until he gets Lloyd back. Ari ponders this for a moment then realizes what he must do. He heads off to the mall and finds Tom working in sports apparel store. Tom says he dumped Lloyd because he cheated on him. Ari lies and says the night Lloyd wasn’t where he was supposed to be was because he was with him at the Bourne Ultimatum premiere. Tom accepts the idea that Lloyd would lie to him about this so he wouldn’t get mad about Lloyd being at another work event on a Friday night.

Ari later laughs at Lloyd for being a cheating “slut” and tells him that everything is fine with the Tom thing so he can come back to work now. Lloyd confesses that he slept with a coffee barista but that he’s switched to Starbucks now so that’s over. So thanks to Ari’s lying, Lloyd has his job and his man back.

Drama Sells His Soul For Baseball Memorabilia

Turtle announces that his cousin Ronnie is in town and that he’s got a new money making scheme in the works. Turtle describes Ronnie as having always been the kind of guy to make fast cash, even if it’s not always totally legal. Drama agrees to go with Turtle to meet up with Ronnie but he won’t commit to investing any money in whatever it is the guy has going on.

As it turns out, Ronnie has inside information on the former baseball player, Sandy Koufax. Ronnie’s dad tees off regularly at the same time as Koufax and noticed that Koufax hasn’t played golf in a month. He also said that there’s people in white coats coming and going from Koufax’s place which leads him to believe he might be sick and dying. Ronnie figures now would be the perfect time to buy up whatever Koufax memorabilia he can get his hands on so that when he dies it’ll be worth more.

Drama thinks the whole plan is despicable but goes along with them to an auction anyway. Just as the bidding gets started, Ronnie gets off the phone with his dad, who made him feel guilty about his plan. He decides to back out of the plan. Meanwhile, Drama has a change of heart and gets into the bidding.

Turtle and Drama win the lot of Koafax stuff and as they’re paying the $64,000, the guy tells them that Koafax hasn’t left his house in a month because his dog is sick. So now they’ve spent a huge chunk of their money on memorabilia that they probably wont be able to sell (for that price, anyway) for a long time. Oops.

The Suit Is Tired of the Abuse

Ari’s trying to work out a deal to get Billy as a client but he tells him that he can’t sign him until Billy makes amends with Eric. He gets Eric and Vince into his office to talk with the three of them about the Lost In The Clouds project. Billy apologizes to Eric for blaming him for the Medellin trailer leak. Apparently it was the girlfriend of a guy who worked on the movie who leaked the trailer as revenge for him posting a racy video of them on the internet.

Ari’s pleased that the dream team is back on track. He told Billy earlier that he cant sell Lost In The Clouds if people think Billy, Eric and Vince aren’t doing ok as a team. It would also affect how well Medellin does in the box office.

Eric starts to have second thoughts about working with Billy again. He’s tired of the abuse and says life’s too short to spend a year working with people he doesn’t like. Vince is excited about the movie though and so is Billy, who loved the book and has a great vision for the film. In the end, Eric decides to allow Ari to list him as a producer (and pay him as one too) but that he’s going to go back to managing and finding Vince’s next project.

What I find really interesting is that Eric is still insisting that Billy ruined Medellin and that he’s peaked as a director. I know Vince and Ari don’t agree but I’m thinking Eric might turn out to be right on this. Let’s just hope Vince is able to see it too before Billy drags him down with him.

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