TV Recap: Greek - Crush Landing

One of the things I was most excited to see in this episode of Greek was Casey’s reaction to the revelation of the Frannie/Evan relationship. And a reaction, we did see! Casey decided that the best course of action was to take out her rage by gnawing on twizzlers. Frannie tried to talk to her about the whole Evan thing but Casey spent the duration of the episode avoiding the confrontation, claiming she was “still processing” the whole thing.

Fortunately for Casey, she was able to take a break from processing when she met the dreamy Drew on campus. He expressed an immediate interest in her and when Casey pointed him out to Ashleigh, she discovered that Drew was Ashleigh’s “Hot Monster.” Ashleigh met him during spring break and has been obsessing over him ever since. The two agree that they’ll both invite him to the ZBZ Crush Party and let Drew decide which one of them he wants to date.

The two try to be mature about the whole thing and, armed with stiletto heels and chicken cutlets (not the kind you eat), they headed off to the party. When they tried engaging in conversation with Drew, they ended up pointing out each other’s flaws. Before it came to Ashleigh discussing Casey’s waxing regimen or Casey bringing up Ashleigh’s fear of little people, they agreed to each spend fifteen minutes of alone-time with the Hot Monster to see which one of them he prefers.

When Ashleigh sat with Drew, it became clear right away that he didn’t even remember her from Spring Break. I thought for a minute that perhaps Ashleigh was mistaken and this wasn’t the guy she fell in-crush with but he mentioned losing his flip-flop (the very same one she’s been hanging on to since the trip to Myrtle Beach) and that confirmed that he was in fact, theHot Monster. Just not her Hot Monster. Ashleigh went to Casey and told her that he’s not her type and that he’s all hers. She walked off, leaving Casey to hit it off with Drew.

Drew walked Casey home and the two shared a goodnight kiss on the doorstep of the ZBZ house. When the door opened up, Frannie and Evan were sharing a kiss on the otherside of the door. Seeing this caused Casey to realize that she wasn’t so different from Frannie by moving in on Ashleigh’s crush. Sure, Ashleigh didn’t have a long term relationship with the Hot Monster but she was clearly into him. So Casey broke it off and made amends with Ashleigh.

The next day she approached Frannie, who was pleased to see that Casey was done “processing.” Casey told Frannie that they’d always be “sisters” but they’re not friends anymore. No shock there. It was a bit ridiculous of Frannie to think that Casey would just get over the fact that Frannie is now dating Casey’s ex-boyfriend. Something like that takes a bit longer than a few days to really “process.” It’s a girl thing.

Cappie tried to help Rebecca see the bright side to her newfound notoriety. He took her around and helped her use her fame to get things like free food and parking passes. The two were having a fun time with it but then Rebecca learned that her parents were divorcing. That can’t have come as a huge surprise since her senator-father was named in a prostitution scandal but all the same, this is just the icing on the cake that is her family drama. Cappie tried to make light of the situation but Rebecca was clearly too upset to joke around and she ended up walking away from him. It looks like this is going to be a major test in their relationship. Will Cappie be able to be the man (friend and boyfriend) that Rebecca needs to help her get through this rough time?

As for Rusty, he’s feeling unmotivated with his schoolwork. While Dale is all excited for the traditional Senior Stockade, Rusty is considering dropping his major. He explained to Cappie that he fell in love with science when he discovered Silly Putty and all of the other man-made miracles (Post-It notes among them) out there. But lately he hasn’t wanted to go to class or participate in projects. So Cappie suggested he change his major. Major changes are common in college. Not everyone knows exactly what they want to be right out of high school (I didn’t) but in Rusty’s case, he has a knack for science. It’s his passion for it that seems to have dwindled.

The new RA in Dale and Rusty’s dorm is the opposite of a wet blanket. He’s a dry blanket. At first I didn’t know what that meant until the guy started making awkward small talk after introducing himself to the residents of the dorm. Even R.A.-Max’s whiteboard is boring, stating simply: “PLEASE KNOCK OR LEAVE A NOTE.” He told Rusty that if he wants to change his major he has to fill out a form. That’s his advice. Fill out a form. Rusty can’t believe that after all it took to get into the major, the only thing it takes to get out of it is a form.

As it turned out though, Max is one of the participants of the Senior Stockade, which is a tradition at Cyprus Rhodes in which the senior honors engineering majors barricade their doors and the underclassmen have to figure out how to get through the barricade. Rusty and Dale, whom we randomly learn sometimes goes commando ( Dale! I never would’ve guessed!) take on the challenge of getting through Max’s door.

After breaking through the drywall that Max put up in front of the door, they find that there is a barricade made up of some shatterproof plastic. Rusty thinks chloroform could penetrate it, to which Dale responds with one of the funnier lines from the episode, “I used my last bottle of chloroform when I was on Murder She Wrote.” Dale wanders off to help another guy get his door open and returns with a pack of triple-A batteries that he won as a prize (there are never AAA batteries around when you need them so that’s not a bad prize) and the wire hanger he used to get the door open.

Rusty uses the wire hanger and an iron to rig up a device that melts through the plastic and he gets through just as the clock strikes midnight. Unfortunately the door is locked and he’s out of time. Max, who was inside the whole time, leaves to use the restroom and then lets Rusty into his room where we discover that he’s not really all that boring. For one thing, he worked for NASA (perhaps an internship or something?) and he too shares the same love for science that Rusty does. In sharing his own personal story of how he fell in love with science, Max helped Rusty remember how great the subject can be and he decides to stick with his major. Max gave Rusty his Silly-Putty but the real prize was inspiration (cheesy, I know but it’s true.) So Casey and Frannie are back to being enemies, Rusty is back on track with school and it looks like things are on the verge of falling apart for Cappie and Rebecca. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

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