TV Recap: Greek - Let's Make A Deal

Money can be a tricky thing. Sure, we all want it but for some people, it can be something of a burden. Both Cappie and Evan came to realize that in tonight’s episode of Greek. Evan learned that his parents put a few conditions on his hefty trust fund and Cappie found that Rebecca’s money had the potential to put even more strain on their already rocky relationship. Ashleigh had money troubles of her own, due to her frivolous spending habits.

I’m kind of glad they re-addressed Ashleigh’s issues with her credit card seeing as it’s such a common problem among college kids. When they introduced Ashleigh’s whole credit card drama last season, it never got resolved and I wondered if her overuse of the card would come back to bite her or if this make-believe version of college was going to magically eat up her debt and leave her without any consequences.

As it turns out, Ashleigh thought she had a credit card but what she really signed up for was a charge card. Charge cards must be paid off by the end of each month so upon reviewing her first month’s bill, Ashleigh realizes she needs to find $1300.00 to pay off her debt. Ashleigh fears her parents will cut her off financially if they find out about this so she and Casey solicit Rusty’s help in learning about blackjack so that they can enter the Omega Chi Casino tournament. The grand prize is $2000. As luck would have it, Rusty’s R.A. Max knows quite a bit about counting cards so he agrees to help Casey and Ashleigh learn how to do it in exchange for a cut of their winnings. More on that in a bit.

Rebecca has been devoting her extra time to doing stuff around the Zeta Beta house. She finally decides to talk to Cappie, who is trying to fix his beat up old car. She tells him that from now on she’s going to keep her family life separate from her social life, which means no talk about Daddy’s scandal while she’s with Cappie. The two go to look at used cars and Rebecca offers to buy a cheap KITT-like car for Cappie. He’s hesitant at first but then agrees. His apprehension is increased after talking some of his brothers about it. He starts to realize that if Rebecca buys him a car, they’re not breaking up anytime soon. I don’t think Cappie was planning on breaking up with Rebecca but it’s doubtful that he wants to feel like he owes it to her to be with her.

So Cappie decides he’s going to try to win the blackjack tournament and fix the car himself. At the tournament, Ashleigh, Casey, Rusty and Max are there. They’re all dressed up with Max wearing the new clothes that Ashleigh and Casey helped him pick out. Casey looks like Sharon Stone from Casino and her hotness doesn’t go unnoticed by Max, who’s been giving her subtle puppy-dog looks since he first laid eyes on her.

They’re doing ok with their cards but Ashleigh brings it to their attention that Jason, the geek-jerk she went out with briefly last season, is winning (a lot). Probably having seen the movie 21 enough times, they realize that Jason’s using his sunglasses to see marks he’s been leaving on the cards so that he knows what’s coming next. Not to be out-cheated, they plot to foil his plan. Ashleigh flirts with him, offering a little friendship with benefits and when he’s not looking, they steal his card-marker. Meanwhile Rusty gets Calvin, who is acting as pit-boss at the frat-casino, to change the deck with remarked cards.

They get Jason to double-down, and believing he’s about to get a ten, he finds out too late that the cards were remarked. Jason is once again proven to be a loser and he leaves the table.

It comes down to Max and Cappie and Cappie ends up winning. Max leaves the table before the last card was even dealt, likely feeling embarrassed. Cappie is relieved though because now he can pay to fix his car. Rebecca’s not happy about this. I won’t say that she was trying to buy Cappie’s affection with her offer to get him the car but I think she felt that if he accepted her offer it meant that he was really serious about their relationship. The two have a fight over that very thing and the end up breaking up.

While all of this is going on, Evan is dealing with his trust fund issues. He’s about to come into his money but after a talk with his mom he finds out that there are some major strings attached. For one thing, he can’t get married before he’s 25. I can understand why his parents want that little condition in there as 25 is a reasonable age to wait to get married but to hold that over him is pretty rough.

Evan isn’t happy that this money is essentially forcing him to stick to the plan his parents want for him. Sure, he wants to go to law school and has no plans to get married any time soon but he doesn’t like feeling like they’re controlling him. He wants to be able to “go off the map” if he feels the urge to. Evan looks for advice from Calvin and Frannie. Calvin doesn’t think the conditions of the trust are a good thing, fearing Evan will have regrets about the direction of his life years from now if he’s not allowed to make his own decisions. Meanwhile, Frannie thinks Evan should just stay the course and go along with the plan Evan’s parents have for him. No surprise there. I was sympathetic towards Frannie, wanting to give her the benefit of the doubt, but at this point it doesn’t seem like she has Evan’s best interests in mind and is more interested in Evan Chambers the millionaire and not Evan Chambers off-the-map-non-millionaire-guy.

Before we wrap this up, just going back to the whole thing with Ashleigh and her debt. It looks like she’s going to have to get a job to pay it off. I can’t picture that girl working. Meanwhile, Casey goes to chat with Rusty at his dorm and on her way out, stops in to talk to Max. She flirts with him a little bit, mentioning that they should hang out at Doblers. He’s kind of awkward during the conversation and eventually sort of blows her off and shuts the door. He wasn’t rude about it. It was more like he had no idea how to talk to her.

Here’s the thing. Cappie’s now single. Evan’s going to realize Frannie’s really only interested in his money and he’ll probably single soon too. And now I don’t care if either of them get back together with Casey because I really want to see her and Max get together. I loved the sweet way he was looking at her as though he’s never talked to anyone so beautiful. It wasn’t a drooly “You’re so hot!” look but more like genuine attraction mixed with a fair amount of intimidation. Max isn’t a bad looking guy though and I think it’s entirely likely that his accidental hard-to-get act could have Casey knocking on his door again sometime soon.

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