TV Recap: Grey's Anatomy - Desire

“Too often, the thing you want most is the one thing you cant have.” Well said, Meredith. Kind of obvious but well said, nonetheless. In tonight’s episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ titled “Desire” Callie confronted Izzie, begging her to back down and let her have George. Derek finally told Meredith one of the reasons why he’s been distant with her. Ava let boredom get the better of her as she eavesdropped on the nurses’ station, getting all the inside gossip on the giant soap opera that is Seattle Grace. Addison broke the no-sex rule and everyone ate a lot of cake.

The interns are cramming for the big Intern Exam, which has put everyone on edge. The Izzie/George situation is no longer awkward. In fact, they’re getting along better than ever and enjoying being study-buddies. Cristina is ignoring Burke’s attempts to get her on board with the wedding plans. While he tries to get her to help him pick a wedding cake, she’s more interested in getting her hands on Callie’s legendary flashcards.

Larry Jennings, the chairman of the board of Seattle Grace comes into the hospital as a patient suffering from giant-ball syndrome (use your imagination and think big). The chief invites some of the attendings to help out with the situation. Jennings doesn’t approve of Weber stepping down as Chief and implies that he’s lost his edge. Perhaps Weber will rethink his decision to retire. He is only in his mid-50’s after all and with the inevitable divorce he’s facing, he might decide to stick it out for another couple of years. Bailey also calls Weber out on this, suggesting that he might not be leaving anytime soon but Weber continues to bring up the fact that this job cost him his family, so who knows?

Since all of the attendings are eager to please the guy who will have a big say in who gets the chief position, they’re all trying to figure out what is wrong with Jennings. They pretend to be Team ‘House’ as they try to diagnose him, pouring over studies that could be the cause of his problem. An X-ray solves the mystery. A fish swam up his penis. Nasty. They perform surgery to remove the thing, which looked about three inches long. Did I mention, nasty? Jennings was on vacation with his mistress when he got sick in the pants-area. Naturally, his wife shows up at the hospital and the mistress is also there. Long story short, the wife already knew about the mistress. Both women end up leaving him. George learns the moral of this story from Jennings’ wife: The wife always knows. The other moral of the story is: Don’t pee in the Amazon or a fish could swim up your stream of urine and into your penis, making your testicles swell up to the size of grapefruits. (If you’re a guy, you might want to write that moral down. Actually, write both of them down)

Speaking of wives “knowing,” Callie knows. Ok, so she doesn’t definitely know but she does know something’s up and seeing George and Izzie back to their old flirty friendship only serve to upset her even more. She sees George feeding cake to Izzie, which doesn’t help things. When Cristina begs Callie for her flashcards, she says no at first because she’s giving them to George. Cristina is annoyed by this and says George won’t share them her; only with Izzie. Callie tells Cristina she can have the cards. Then she corners Izzie in an elevator and says she knows there’s nothing going on between them but that she cant compete with her. She begs her to stop being George’s friend so she can have her husband back. The whole conversation freaks Izzie out and she ends up telling George that they’re not fine. It looks like these two are back to being just-not-friends. At the end of the episode, George tells Izzie that he’s going for a job at another hospital.

Ava has all the inside scoop the gossip at Seattle Grace due to her close proximity to the nurses’ station. She uses this information to get back into Alex’s good graces, blaming her outburst (from last week’s episode) on her raging hormones due to the pregnancy. She tells Alex about Addison and Sloan’s no-sex rule and says this is his chance to get something going with Addison. She overheard Callie talking to Addison about Alex and how she thinks he’s the kind of guy that wouldn’t play games with her. When Ava has a seizure, the docs determine that the baby needs to be born prematurely or they both could die. Alex keeps Ava calm through the whole ordeal and this doesn’t go unnoticed by Addison.

After Ava gives birth, Addison attempts to lecture Alex about getting too close with his patient and the two end up making out and inevitably having a quickie in an empty examining room. Has Alex ever had sex outside the hospital on this show? There’s obvious awkwardness afterwards as the two rush off to get back to work. Sloan sees them part ways and it’s clear that he recognizes Addison’s just-had-sex hair. He goes to Meredith and propositions her, saying they’re long overdue for a little action. She turns him down and tells him that revenge sex isn’t the right way to deal with Addison. He says he knows she doesn’t want him, which probably isn’t entirely true. Addison doesn’t know what she wants. Meredith tells him to be an adult and let her go. Sloan’s way of doing this is lying to Addison by telling her he slept with someone.

Burke is sad that everyone but Cristina seems to be tasting the potential wedding cakes. He tells Izzie that he’s ok that no one ever tells him anything that’s going on. Izzie confesses to him that she slept with George. It’s a strange conversation between two people going through a lot of drama and unsure of what the next step is. Izzie recommends the red velvet cake. In the end, that’s the cake that Cristina says she likes best and this pleases Burke. She was distracted all day but in the end, she did manage to come up with the right answer to the cake dilemma, which shows that deep down beneath her ambition, she really does care.

Alex goes to visit Ava, who tells him that Addison is looking for someone whose committed and that he’s the perfect guy for her (Addison). Little does she know that she’s said the exact wrong thing. When Addison, fresh from being blown-off by Sloan, invites Alex to “study” with her back at her hotel room, he turns her down and tells her rather rudely that he’s not interested in a relationship with her. Addison walks out of Seattle Grace and looks like she’s not sure where she wants to go. This was the big build-up to next week’s very special two-hour episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Addison no longer has any reason to stay at Seattle Grace.

Derek has been distant with Meredith. Finding out that being with her might be costing him the chief position, added to the fact that he thinks she might have allowed herself to drown is all too much for him. When the two are in bed together at the end of the episode, he confesses his concerns about the drowning incident (leaving out the part about the chief position). They’re both sad and Meredith ends up leaving.

What did you think of the episode? Was it me or was Izzie overly made up tonight? She might say she’s ok with being just friends but a girl doesn’t curl her hair and put on her best make-up if she’s not trying to snag a guy. Do you think Weber will decide to stick around? I kind of do for two reasons. The first being I don’t think any of the attendings are ready to handle the Chief position and the other is because I have a hard time imagining the show without him. Will George leave or do you think Callie will find out about him and Izzie and decide to leave instead?

If you missed the episode, it will re-air on ABC tomorrow night (Friday) at 8 PM EST.

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