TV Recap: Jericho - Termination For Cause

Previously: Ravenwood invades Jericho, Cheyenne is getting stronger, and a $10,000 discrepancy in J&R’s books leads to a shootout that leaves Mimi injured and poor Bonnie dead.

We pick up where we left off last week, at the crime scene inside of Stanley’s farmhouse. Jake and Eric realize that Ravenwood is behind the shootings and Jake heads down to enlist Beck’s help. When he gets there, he finds that Beck has already been fed Ravenwood’s story: that they went to the farmhouse and somebody opened fire, killing three of his men. Besides that, Beck is already on his way out. Apparently somebody set off a pipe bomb in front of J&R headquarters in New Bern and took out six of his men.

Goetz is back at the office looking through Mimi’s ledger. He finds the page with the $10,000 discrepancy and burns it. One of his men lets him know that not only was Mimi in the house for the entire thing, but she has just been admitted into the hospital for a gunshot wound. Ooh, victim/witness. Something tells me that Goetz isn’t going to let that stand. Luckily, Jake has posted armed guards outside of her room.

Good thing, because Goetz immediately goes to the hospital with his goons and demands to see Mimi. Jake and his Calvary draw their guns and manage to keep them out, but I have a feeling that it’s only temporary. So, if this Brave New World isn’t creepy enough, turns out that if Jake kills a Ravenwood employee, then the Cheyenne government will Classify Jericho as an insurgency.

Hawkins is still on the phone with his informant, the former J&R employee. They’re talking about the conspiracy and Hawkins learns that Valente isn’t the top guy: the president is a former J&R employee as well, and his cabinet and advisors are “littered with J&R employees.” In fact, J&R and the government are one in the same.

Goetz, of course, does not go quietly into this good night. They immediately shut off the main power and prepare to storm the hospital. Goetz calls for reinforcements, but since they won’t be there for a little while, Goetz gets clever: it appears as though he’s going to start kidnapping the family members of the guys keeping watch, in order to smoke them out. They immediately get one guy to leave, then they show up at Hawkins’ place and tell him that Darcy is being held hostage. Hawkins, being awesome, doesn’t buy the crap they’re trying to feed him, so instead of going with them, he snaps on of the guy’s necks and pulls a gun on the other one, demanding to know where his wife is. Hawkins is silent, but deadly.

Back at the hospital, Mimi wakes up from her surgery, with a gaping chest wound, but lipstick remarkably intact. She looks better than I do right now, and all I’ve done today is go to the gym and make dinner.

So apparently New Bern has been thrown into a state of chaos lately. Heather’s job as liason is causing so many problems that Constantino has put a bounty on her head. Luckily, her would-be assassins know her, so instead of killing her, they try to enlist her help in getting Goetz. Heather, however, decides to stay on Beck’s side.

Hawkins continues his reign of awesome by kidnapping the other Ravenwood goon and delivering him to the guys in the hospital. He duct tapes the guy to a gurney and goes about making things right. Mimi tells him and Jake that this whole thing started because Goetz is embezzling from J&R. Mimi calls Trish and enlists her help in recreating the data so they can nail Goetz.

Unfortunately, while this conversation is happening; Goetz is busy calling that jackass Fred who turned Dale in last week, and gets Fred to cut his man loose. Luckily, Emily noticed that Fred was squirrelly, so they figure out pretty quickly that he’s the traitor.

Before dealing with him, Jake and Hawkins go in search of the Ravenwood goon. Once they start getting shot at, they realize they’ve found him. A full-fledged shootout ensues and Hawkins counts down until the goon is out of ammo. Then they rush him and steal his gun. It’s a pretty sweet move.

They use jackass Fred to set a trap. They tell him that the back entrance is going to be clear in five minutes, knowing that he’ll pass that information onto Goetz. Sure enough he does, and we see jackass Fred letting a stream of Ravenwood goons into the hospital. Jake and the gang of appear to use this diversion as an opportunity to escape. Duct-taped Ravenwood goon says he heard them say something about taking Mimi back to the farm, so Goetz and his men head back to the scene of the crime. After they leave, Jake comes out of the morgue, where everybody has been hiding. Jackass Fred seems really sorry about the whole betrayal thing and tells Jake that Ravenwood is meeting about 100 reinforcements the next morning.

Ha ha HA! The next day, Jake and the gang is waiting where Jackass Fred told them Ravenwood would be meeting their reinforcements. Except instead of the help Goetz had been expecting, he gets Trish and a pissed off higher-ranking official who knows all about how Goetz has been putting his hand into the cookie jar. Goetz is fired and all of his men get redeployed.

After Trish and the rest of the Ravenwood people leave Goetz and three of his men out in the middle of nowhere, Jake and the gang run out from their hiding places with their guns drawn and there’s yet another shootout. All of Goetz’ men get shot, but it turns out the New Bern guys were there and were shooting too. Russell tries to take Goetz into custody, but Jake won’t let him. It’s a Jericho/New Bern standoff, when Stanley appears on the scene and shoots Goetz point blank in the head, effectively ending that argument.

Russell and the New Bern guys take Goetz’ body and strings it up at the entrance to the town, sending Beck a pretty clear message.

Next week: Jake gets arrested; there are more explosions and what appears to be the beginning of a new American Revolution.