TV Recap: My Boys - Jack and Bobby

Oh My God. Seriously. I don’t even know where to begin with tonight’s new episode of My Boys. I guess I should start at the beginning.

The gang heads up to Bobby’s family’s ranch, which is a ginormous vineyard, and all seems to be going well. PJ went on a date with Jack a day or two before and that was fantastic and Brendo was psyched about seeing John again to discuss the whole bar deal. He even made a mixed tape of local bands he thinks John would like. Kenny wasn’t so lucky since both of his girlfriends broke up with him, but he and Mike had plans to meet new, single women at the wedding anyways. So they’re all there and smiling, enjoying the” Welcome Wine-tasting” and everyone’s happy…almost.

Bobby is stressed about everything going perfectly, especially since his crazy funny alcoholic father is stalking Stephanie and asking any woman, including Elsa, if they’ll be Mrs. Newman #6. Oh yeah, he’s a total charmer. Jack is supposed to be on Daddy duty but blows it off because he thinks Bobby is being too uptight. I’m all for loosening a guy up but when your dad hits on your brother’s fiancé, that might be a line or something. Just a thought.

So PJ keeps trying to meet up with Jack but with Bobby so freaked, she ends up acting like the best man. She even has to try to track down a new minister since the one who was supposed to marry them had kidney stones. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, because at least now she sees the real Jack coming through loud and clear. He’s kind of a spoiled brat. Seems Bobby may be the only good one out of the Newman bunch. Anyways, turns out that Andy is a minister through an on-line church and can marry them. At least that problem was solved.

During the “Welcome Bar-B-Q”, the real problem began. Bobby and Elsa are giving a nice little toast thanking everyone for coming when big brother Jack starts cracking a few jokes. Now, true, they were harmless and if Bobby had let them slide it would have been fine. But, of course, he didn’t let them slide. He got progressively angrier until he and Jack ended up brawling on the pool patio in their dress clothes with all of the wedding guests watching. Yup. Finally, PJ steps in and stops them but Bobby, poor embarrassed Bobby goes to his room and Jack skulks off to his. PJ chases after Jack to try and smooth things over but when she goes into his room she finds him packing his suitcase. He’s a bit dramatic and when PJ brings this fun fact to his attention, he says Bobby’s better off and walks out. What? I’m sorry but how could he go from being so cute to being such a complete douche bag?

Meanwhile, Mike has missed the entire thing because he got drunk off wine and fell asleep, after hooking up with a mysterious older woman. Brendo finds out that his new bff, John, might not be able to make it and Stephanie has been trying to help Kenny find a new woman the entire day. Time to brace yourself for an inevitable moment that you never thought would actually come to fruition….the final scene is of Kenny and Stephanie closing a bedroom door as their full-on making out. Kind of exciting and gross all at the same time, isn’t it.

Next week is the season finale. It’s on at 10pm instead of 9:00 so set your DVR’s or TIVO’s accordingly. I’m almost drooling I’m so excited. What? I said almost.