Teen Wolf Season 3 Adds Desperate Housewives' Charlie And Max Carver And Two More

It looks like Teen Wolf is adding onto its pack of Alphas with a bunch of cast additions, two of whom should be familiar to Desperate Housewives fans. The series, which is expected to return for a hefty third season next year, has added Charlie and Max Carver, along with Adelaide Kane and Felisha Terrell. Three of them will play Alpha wolves.

Charlie and Max Carver are probably best known for playing the older versions of the Scavo twins Porter and Preston in Desperate Housewives in the second half of the series' run (after the jump forward). TVLine says they're playing Alpha wolves in Teen Wolf's upcoming third season. Their roles are described as "dangerous charmers with brilliant minds." Twin wolves! This could be very interesting.

Meanwhile, Australian actress Adelaide Kane (Power Rangers R.P.M, Neighbors) has been cast to play "a mysterious woman with ties to Beacon Hills." And Felisha Terrell is set to play another Alpha wolf. No further details on her character were mentioned. Days of Our Lives fans may be familiar with her role as Arianna Hernandez in the soap back in 2009. She also played the role of "Beautiful Woman" in The Social Network, but since there were lots of those in that movie, that may not be the most helpful reference. IMDB also has her listed among the credits of Fox's upcoming comedy The Goodwin Games, so it looks like we'll be seeing a bit more of her on the small screen next year.

It doesn't look like there's an official premiere date for Teen Wolf Season 3 yet, but the 24-episode season is expected to premiere at some point in 2013 - presumably June/summer, if we're going by the series' first two season.

Kelly West
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