Since FX cancelled the excellent but poorly rated drama Terriers, Donal Logue has made a couple of TV appearances in established shows like House and Royal Pains. Among his feature roles, he appeared in Shark Night 3D, and is set to play a role in the upcoming Randall Miller film CBGB, which happens to put him among the same cast as Sons of Anarchy's Ryan Hurst. And he'll have another SAMCRO connection soon enough, as the actor is set to guest star on the FX drama series.

EW shared the news and a first-look photo of him in his episode.

Logue is set to play a "brilliant but dangerous U.S. Marshal named Lee Toric." He's been forced into retirement because of his history of violence. A former lawman who's too violent for the job? I can only imagine how he'll fit into the series! We have a while to wait to see him. He doesn't appear until the final three episodes before series wraps up its fifth season on December 4.

Logue had good things to say about the show (and mentions of "shockingly awesome stuff") when he Tweeted the following:

As a fan of Logue from Grounded for Life and Terriers, it's not only great to know he's going to appear in another show, if only for a guest spot, but it should be interesting to see how he does in Sons, which is a bit heavier and darker than Terriers and has been especially dark and heavy this season, what with the pipes, snow globes and box of breast.

This news comes just a day after we shared word that rocker Dave Navarro would also be playing a guest role in the series' current season.

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