Tia Mowry Is Joining A Major Network Show, Get The Details

The nineties are making a comeback, sort-of. While I don’t miss the bright colors or JNCO jeans, I do like that some of my childhood favorites are now revitalizing their careers as adults. Former Sister, Sister actress Tia Mowry (now Hardrict) has landed a big network TV gig. This week, we learned she has signed on with Fox’s Rosewood in a major recurring role.

If you’ve been watching Rosewood, you should already know it’s a procedural about a pathologist who works with the Miami police department. Mowry’s role will give her an odd connection to Dr. Rosewood. Her character will be the childhood friend of Rosewood’s sister, Pippy. However, her character, whose name is Cassie, will be a lot more complicated than that. Deadline reports Cassie will be a restaurant owner with a crazy work ethic who comes from an unstable background. Before owning the restaurant, she was a homeless teenaged lesbian. Normally, this would be the type of role that would be a one-off on the procedural, but it looks like Cassie’s connection to Pippy will keep her in the fold for at least a little while. Either way, it should be awesome to see Tia Mowry on network TV.

It’s not like Mowry-Hardrict has been totally sidelined since she starred in a variety of projects with her twin sister Tamara. But she was stuck doing voicework in various Bratz projects for some time before she landed a gig on the Nick at Nite series Instant Mom, which was recently cancelled by the network. No insult to Nick at Nite’s programming, but moving to network TV should prove to be a big career boon for the actress, especially since she’s landed in a freshman drama that has had a steady audience this TV season.

Rosewood has presumably been helped a bit by airing on the same night as Fox’s over-the-top hit Empire. However, the new procedural actually airs at 8, before Empire, rather than after that show, so it’s clearly doing pretty good numbers on it’s own and has already been ordered for a full Season 1 run by Fox. Hopefully, adding Mowry into the fold will add even more interest to the new drama.

The only thing that could make this better would be reuniting both Mowry twins on network TV, but I’ll take my nineties references where I can get them. Best of luck to Mowry on her upcoming gig. You can tune in to catch new episodes of Rosewood on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET. In addition, be sure to check out all of the new programs that are coming up this winter.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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