Today Show Airs Kris Jenner Interview During 9/11 Moment Of Silence

The Today show got people's attention today when the morning program aired an interview segment while other channels were acknowledging a moment of silence in memory of the the attacks on the World Trade Center eleven years ago. It didn't help that the interview that took precedence over the moment of silence involved Kardashian-mom Kris Jenner talking about her plastic surgery.

It seems like really bad timing here, assuming this was a mistake/unfortunate oversight on the part of the New York-based morning show, and not an intentional display of insensitivity. It's been eleven years since the terrorist attacks of September 11th, and the country has not forgotten. While other networks interrupted their regularly scheduled programming to acknowledge the anniversary at 8:46 a.m.,the time the first plane hit the Twin Towers, NBC's national broadcast of Today continued on with its usual programming, which at that point, just so happened to be an interview with Kris Jenner to discuss her breast augmentation.

TV Newser says NY station WNBC cut into Today and aired 9/11 coverage at that time, but the national broadcast showed Savannah Guthrie's interview with the Keeping up with the Kardashians star. According to the Washington Post, Today did feature other segments focusing on September 11th during its broadcast, and the West Coast broadcast featured the commemoration of the first moment. posted the video below, which shows the contrasting coverage.

Hearing Kris Jenner babble on about her breast implants and her reality show while silence, and later "Taps" is heard from the other channels really drives the error home. It's a cringe-worthy moment, to say the least and I can see why many would be surprised or even offended by it.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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