A Tremors TV Show Is Happening, Because Kevin Bacon

In the 25 years that have passed since Tremors hit the big screen, countless numbers of monster movies and horror comedies have been released, but few have managed to straight up top Ron Underwood’s cult classic for sheer enjoyment. Can that same kind of lightning strike twice, considering that didn’t really happen in the multiple sequels? We’ll probably find out soon, as a new Tremors TV series is currently in development. The best news, though? Kevin Bacon will be back!

That’s right, after more than two decades of keeping his distance from the franchise, Bacon will return to the Graboid-filled town of Perfection and will indeed reprise his classic role of Valentine “Val” McKee. As well, he’ll take on a behind-the-scenes role of executive producer. No word yet on whether or not Fred Ward will come back to again take on the role of Earl Basset, but it only seems right.

Beyond the presences of Val and Perfection, there were unfortunately no details about this new Tremors story offered up by EW. Really, though, that’s a solid enough foundation that we’re already on board. Penning this new version will be Andrew Miller, who is arguably most notable for creating the short-lived CW fantasy drama The Secret Circle. It’s hard to tell whether or not he’ll bring the goods, but the first film was written by S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock, the guys who wrote the Short Circuit movies and Ghost Dad. Expectations are moot here.

While Bacon is the only actual person named in an executive producer role, the project is being put together by Universal Cable Productions and the micro-horror factory Blumhouse Productions. (Fun fact: Bacon’s next movie 6 Miranda Drive is under the Blumhouse shingle.) We certainly hope that Gale Anne Hurd returns as a producer, as that could help Tremors find a good home on TV. As if the concept alone wouldn’t.

It’s the early days, so there’s no telling what network will get to call Tremors its own, but this is the kind of show that can’t possibly exist on broadcast networks. It’s a special effects-driven monster flick, so that just screams Starz or Netflix, though I’d definitely take FX or AMC on this. Syfy is also a notable competitor, especially since they have a working relationship with Universal Cable Production on other projects.

Following the initial 1990 film, the Tremors franchise grew over the next 25 years with four different film sequels (all direct-to-video), and the most recent of them was released THIS YEAR. Back in 2003, the then-Sci-Fi Channel brought the Tremors-verse to TV for one short season that was received well enough by fans. But this new series, should it come to fruition, would definitely be the biggest thing since the first film.

Tremors would make for a quick return to television for Kevin Bacon, who was last seen in The Following, which was canceled by Fox earlier this year. While you’re waiting to hear where this project lands, say "yes" to free beer and check out Bacon’s latest movie, the intense Jon Watts thriller Cop Car.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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