While not quite as exciting as the recently released trailer for Season 5 of True Blood, this teaser feels more like a virtual tour of Merlotte’s, complete with echoes of many memories of moments that took place in the establishment over the course of the last four seasons.

On Sunday night, we got a trailer featuring actual footage from HBO’s upcoming fifth season of True Blood. The teaser below looks back on the last four seasons, from the perspective of one of the recurring locations on the vampire drama series. As the camera takes us around Merlotte’s, we’re treated to bits of audio from scenes that took place at the bar & grill over the years...

As though we need any more reason to be excited for the series’ return this June, memories of Merlotte’s, and all of the drama that’s taken place there only serves to heighten that.

?Who’s ready to return to Bon Temps?

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