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BIG UPDATE! Joss Whedon closed out his presentation by announcing that next season Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog will be shown on the CW, making it the project's television debut!

Alright, so the big Joss Whedon sequel you're probably curious about is The Avengers 2, which is definitely going to happen eventually but might not have Whedon behind it. But did you know you should be looking forward to a sequel to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog? Turns out, it's happening! At the panel for his work with Dark Horse Comics at Comic Con, Whedon confessed he's working on a Dr. Horrible sequel, and its' not the kind of thing where he's just thinking about it and "hopes" it will happen-- he's been meeting with his brothers Jed and Zak, who helped write the original, and they have a bunch of songs written already.

Whedon says they could go into production as early as this spring, and your guess is as good as ours as how that might affect his potential work on The Avengers 2. Given that the original Dr. Horrible was shot in just a few days and with almost no money, though, I get the feeling that Whedon can make it happen on whatever terms he wants-- and it's kind of fantastic that in the wake of The Avengers, the biggest movie he or nearly anyone else has ever made, he's done a Much Ado About Nothing movie and now a sequel to the web series he made on a shoestring. It's early to tell yet, but it seems clear Whedon is sticking close to the roots of what made him what he is.

For much more on Whedon's Dark Horse panel, check out Eric's writeup later today.

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