Ugly Betty Writers Considering A Betty-Daniel Romance

While some Ugly Betty fans think that Betty and her boss Daniel should eventually have a romance, other fans are firmly set against the idea. As the fate of the series hangs in the balance (we can hope that the show’s move to Wednesdays will help the ratings!), the writers are considering the potential end-game for the show, should ABC decide not to renew the series for a sixth season and it seems the Betty/Daniel romance scenario is on the table.

Entertainment Weekly’s Ausiello reported today that Ugly Betty series creator Silvio Horta confirmed to him that there’s a chance they might be exploring a romance between Betty and Daniel. Horta said they were batting around the idea and that it’s “not outside the realm of possibility that something could happen, but we’re not sure yet.”

As Betty’s had numerous relationships over the course of the series, fans are likely to disagree on who she should end up with. There are die-hard Henry fans out there who want to see Betty end up with him. While others prefer sandwich maker Gio or millionare-Matt but personally, I’m on Team Betty/Daniel.

I have nothing against Betty and Daniel being “just friends,” however I’m sort of loving the idea of seeing these two characters end up together or at the very least, date for a little while. Looking back to the first season, Daniel was an over-sexed, spoiled man-child, content to live off his father’s name and wealth, while Betty was a geeky, naïve girl with confidence issues. Seeing the strides that both of the characters have made, Daniel having grown a heart and the ability to actually do his job, and Betty being more confident (and dressing better), they’ve gone from being almost complete opposites to something closer to the middle, thanks in large part to the influence they’ve had on each other. So why not have them fall in love?

Kelly West
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