Under The Dome Episode 3 Preview: Manhunt

That pesky dome has caused some pretty major issues in Chester's Mill. Ok, maybe it's not so much the dome as it is the people under it. And with nowhere to go, the pre-existing problems within the town are already beginning to fester. That includes Junior Rennie, whose appreciation for Angie has worked its way up to unstable levels, while her appreciation for him has dropped drastically, go figure. We see Junior in the above video. It looks like he's underground and taking his rage out on the dome, which evidently goes through sub levels, likely confirming that burrowing under the invisible barrier is not going to be an option.

The preview for next week's "Manhunt" tease more seizures for the kids, and a prison scuffle for Linda. Is that her further brother-in-law Paul, the deputy with the itchy trigger finger whose ricocheting bullet killed Freddie? Paul could very well be the target of the titular "manhunt." Wouldn't it be interesting if someone like him was running around the woods in Chester's Mill causing trouble for the town? Or worse, gathering followers of other armed and dangerous residents who are losing it under the dome?

Speaking of unstable residents, how about Junior Rennie? Here's a clip from last night's episode, which had Junior unloading his frustration on Angie, who has yet to consider that yelling at him and lying to him about sleeping with another man might be the absolute wrong way to go about dealing with Junior…

I wonder why Junior told Angie he killed Barbie. Maybe it was his way of acting extreme, but what's the relevance of her believing he's dead? Will it make Angie see just how dangerous Junior really is? Looking at this photo from "Manhunt," I wonder if maybe Angie's figuring out that attacking Junior with kindness may be the better approach if she wants to get out of that bunker…

Angie and Junior

Granted, neither of them are smiling, but they're sitting close and neither looks angry, which is an improvement from "The Fire."

Meanwhile, we have a look at two other duos. Here's Barbie and Julia, still sharing a residency.

Barbie and Julia

And it looks like Linda is consulting Big Jim, or he's got something to tell her in this photo:

Jim and Linda

Tune in on Monday at 10:00 p.m. to see Under the Dome's "Manhunt" episode on CBS (opens in new tab). And if you missed it, you can watch "The Fire" (opens in new tab) over at CBS.com or wait until later this week when it's available via Amazon Prime. And be sure to read our breakdown of the episode HERE.

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