WWE Is Going All-In On The Stardust And Arrow Feud

At the end of May and early June Arrow’s Stephen Amell looked poised to jump into a WWE ring with popular wrestler Stardust. Things have been quiet for awhile on the possible celebrity face-off, but now it looks like the feud is back on, and the stakes may have been raised more than a little.

It re-started when Amell posted his Green Arrow Comic-Con intro on Twitter and referred to it as a “WWE style promo.”

The comment caught the eye, not of Stardust, Amell’s nemesis from last May, but rather former WWE World Champion The Miz, who didn't take too kindly to Amell's comparison.

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The exchange did not end with the Miz, however. Stardust recently made his return to Raw this past Monday, and following his victory he sent a message to Amell, or rather, The Green Arrow. Apparently, Stardust received the memo on the name change.

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While the rumor mill was churning out details that Amell would actually wrestle Stardust at WWE’s August event, Summerslam, the feud had to be put on hiatus in mid-June when Stardust’s father passed away. When the makeup comes off, Stardust is actually Cody Rhodes, the son of former NWA World Champion and WWE Hall of Famer “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. When Dusty passed, Stardust disappeared from television. One reason is obvious: he certainly had some familial obligations to deal with, but in addition the WWE wasn’t going to put Cody on TV so soon after his father’s death, because nobody was going to boo the son of “The American Dream” and Stardust is a strong heel (that’s wrestling lingo for “bad guy”) right now so booing is what you want.

The apparent addition of The Miz to the mix is actually a strong indicator that Amell will get in the ring for a match at some point. When celebrities get involved in WWE matches it’s usually in a team environment, so Summerslam might be a good bet. While the celebrity gets some pre-match training they’re usually not quite good enough to carry an entire match on their own. By teaming them up with a pro their partner can keep the match from getting too slow or looking rough and help their celebrity partner look good. Heck, the WWE has made Snooki look skilled in the ring before and the guy who can pull of the Salmon ladder has to be starting from a better place than she was. The Miz is also a perfect choice for another opponent. His current character is a “snobby Hollywood movie star”--he’s made a handful of WWE’s film projects and also has a history on reality TV.

So, if this does happen, the only questions left are, who will Amell’s partner be (My money is on the red hot Neville who Stardust defeated on Monday) and will Amell wrestle as himself, or as The Green Arrow? Stardust’s role is to act convinced that Amell actually is the Arrow, and is only pretending to be a Hollywood actor. His Comic-con promo was in character and was actually pretty great. Summerslam will take place August 23 on the WWE Network.

Dirk Libbey
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